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Elon Musk salutes ‘silver-tongued’ Russians who made cheeky music video in his…

by ace

Elon Musk tweeted a group of enterprising Russians who used a billboard and a music video to solicit the famous businessman at an upcoming business forum in Krasnodar.

Conference organizers 'Act Small' They bought a billboard at SpaceX headquarters in Hawthorne, California, hoping to lure Musk into their forum. The elaborate invitation also included a humorous music video in which a "choir of Russian businessmen" begs Musk to come to Krasnodar.

The serenade apparently affected Musk. Flexing his Cyrillic skills, Musk responded to the video with a Russian language that roughly translates to "silver tongue."

When a Twitter user observed in Russian that the video appealed to Musk's attention, the billionaire businessman responded with a simple "pravda" (true).

Musk's tip to the group elicited cheers from Russian-speaking Twitterverse, but it is still unclear whether he will actually attend the October 18-19 conference. The organizers said Musk's participation would allow them to "attract qualified speakers and inspire many people to switch jobs to self-employment." They also suggested that he could join them via Skype if he could not travel to Krasnodar. .

Many Russians developed a crush on Musk after he tweeted his approval – in Russian – of a modified Soviet-era car. The tweet spawned a meme, in which the Russians tweeted pictures of bizarre lifehacks for the businessman, accompanied by the ridiculous question, "How do you like it, Elon Musk?"

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Young Russians serenade Elon Musk, putting up posters outside his office as an elaborate invitation to the Entrepreneur's Forum (VIDEO)

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