Effective Resumes Help The Job Hunter

by ace

Any excellent job hunter needs a resume package. The cover letter and the resume always go together and do the same necessary thing in slightly different ways.

A job hunter without both is unlikely to go very far in the search for a good career position. With that in mind, let’s take a look at what these crucial documents should do for you.

The first part, the cover letter, is a short one-page letter, consisting of three or four paragraphs. It serves as an introduction to the curriculum. It is the part that will always be seen by the porter.

The second part is the curriculum itself. Many job hunters make the mistake of thinking that they can simply leave a resume without a cover letter. It’s like wearing a suit and tie but forgetting your shirt or pants.

They are a package and go together. The curriculum itself can be in a functional or chronological format. The useful form focuses on skills. The chronological format focuses on job listings.

The most effective resumes use elements of both sizes to create a combination summary that gets results. It should be presented in a graphically attractive style, with adequate use of white space, markers to draw attention to important parts and conservative sources used.

While you occasionally put a bold or italic font to draw attention to the end or split a large section of the text, changing fonts often makes reading difficult, so stick with a basic font.

Also, never be less than the ten-point type and, if possible, use twelve or eleven points. These sizes are easier to read. If your cover letter and resume are small and difficult to read, they simply will not be read and will not help you.

Many job seekers wonder how they should present the curriculum package to the decision-maker. There are several acceptable methods.

When sending it, use a large nine-by-twelve white envelope to avoid folding the material. White envelopes look more useful than the brown manila commonly used in business. Besides, large containers are usually the first thing people open when they receive their mail.

If it is not at the beginning, they can save the large envelope for the end. As people tend to remember the first and the previous, the alpha and omega, forgetting much of what is in the middle, first, or last, is a good thing.

If you are handing in your documents, stop at an office supply store and pick up a transparent plastic folder with a pressure spine and place your cover letter and resume it.

It makes an excellent presentation and complements it perfectly. Use these tools well, and you will be on your way.


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