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Edmunds offers a peek at 2020’s most notable vehicles

by Ace Damon

Will Kaufman, Associated Press

Published Wednesday, 9 October 2019 13:25

The automotive landscape evolves each year, with various makes and models pushing the envelope in new directions. We are bringing together the most significant vehicles for 2020, presented in alphabetical order. These are cars, trucks and SUVs that reveal major trends and changes in the industry.


The redesigned Corvette is a revolutionary leap for the quintessential American sports car. Chevy has moved the Corvette to a mid-engine layout – more like a supercar than a traditional sports car – in its quest for even more performance. Placing the engine behind the seats will significantly change the handling and handling dynamics of the Corvette. Price starts at $ 60,000.


Ford is discontinuing most of its passenger cars in the United States in favor of SUVs. With only the company's lackluster EcoSport, the newly redesigned Escape has to do the heavy lifting for Ford in terms of small passenger vehicles. With more standard features, improved technology and better fuel efficiency (especially with the new hybrid model), the Escape can certainly compete with other compact SUVs. But can it also compete with traditional cars? Are current sedan or hatchback fans ready to make the switch?


The entire class of heavy duty trucks has been revamped by 2020, with all manufacturers upgrading designs, cabs, transmissions and technology features. These are commercial grade performance capable consumer trucks that also offer the comfort and luxury buyers expected of standard size trucks, and their prices have increased to match. We could easily pick any competitor in this class, but the Sierra HD is the most exemplary of this trend, with a maximum towing capacity of 35,500 pounds and luxury-oriented Denali finish. It also features some impressive new technology features, such as a camera system that lets you see both inside and behind trailers while towing.


By 2020, the redesigned Versa is abandoning its "cheaper car" crown in favor of a better experience and more technology, and this technology makes the Versa significant. For less than $ 19,000, the Versa can be equipped with a full set of active driver safety features. Versa offers the most comprehensive set of security features at the lowest price we've seen and brings some of these features to the budget-conscious subcompact sedan class for the first time.


The Porsche brand is synonymous with sports cars, so it's big news that it's launching its first all-electric car. Taycan promises to bring Porsche-level handling and performance to EVs, along with robust engineering designed to increase car reliability and longevity. The Porsche emblem is the ultimate test of whether electric vehicles can fill every niche where gas cars dominate. The Taycan is also the first bow shot of the Tesla Model S, the car that actually launched Tesla into the mainstream.


Not all cars can reveal new trends or reshape the automotive landscape, but some cars launched for 2020 are still worth mentioning.

  • Jeep Gladiator 2020 applies the off-road Wrangler formula to a pickup truck body. This crew cab anywhere aroused much excitement among off-roaders and truck buyers.

  • Last year, the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid proved that there is a lot of untapped demand for fuel-efficient SUVs, and by 2020 Honda intends to capitalize on that demand with a new hybrid variant of the popular CR-V. The upcoming Honda CR-V Hybrid promises all the comfort and practicality of the regular CR-V with an estimated 50% increase in fuel efficiency.

  • Enthusiasts are thrilled with the Toyota Supra reborn in 2020. The Supra was made in partnership with BMW and relies almost entirely on BMW hardware and engineering. As such, don't expect any Supra sportsmanship to reach other Toyota models.

  • Finally, Kia Telluride 2020 was a big surprise. Not only is it a family sport utility vehicle, but in higher finishes, it also offers an impressive almost luxurious experience. Between the extensive feature set, sophisticated design and quality execution, the new Telluride proves that top buyers can expect more for their money than ever before.

EDMUNDS SAYS: The 2020 automotive class is bringing more technology, more capacity and more electricity to the consumer market.


This story was provided to the Associated Press by the automotive site Edmunds. Will Kaufman is content strategist and news editor for Edmunds


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