eBay Buyer Rights – A Contract

by ace

When you buy things on eBay, you pay the seller before he sends you anything.

This means that you, as a buyer, are vulnerable to all kinds of problems. You may not receive the items you paid for, or it may be damaged or defective.

Fortunately, you have two fundamental rights when shopping on eBay. The right to receive your item. Perhaps the seller never shipped the item, or maybe it got lost in the mail.

Whatever happened, you paid for the item. If it does not arrive in the mail as described, you will be entitled to a replacement or refund, whether it is the fault of the seller or not.

The fact that you bought something on eBay does not mean that you do not have the same rights that you would have had if you bought it from a store (these rights are practically the same worldwide).

Also, according to eBay Rules, the seller cannot change his mind about selling the item: when the auction ends, it becomes a contract – you must buy, and they must sell or face eBay penalties.

The right of your item to be as described in the auction. Sometimes, sellers do not wrap things, therefore, and adequately break.

Occasionally, they write misleading or merely wrong descriptions, to begin with, leaving out vital details that would have changed your mind about the purchase.

If this happens to you, you will again be entitled to a replacement or refund. So, how do I use my rights?

First, you must accept the seller – most will be responsive, as they do not want their reputation to be damaged when an upset buyer leaves negative feedback for all future buyers.

If that doesn’t work, report them to eBay. Although eBay does not have many people dealing with complaints, they have a relatively useful set of automated processes for dealing with everyday problems that buyers and sellers have between themselves.

Finally, if that doesn’t work, you should seek advice from consumer groups in your country and, as a last resort, the police.

However, you should never go this far: problems on eBay that cannot be resolved quickly are infrequent.

Don’t be too fast. Remember not to be too angry and unfair to the seller: helpful salespeople agreed to refund me undeliverable items, only to find out a few weeks later that it got stuck at the post office!

Always try your best to communicate and think about everything that may have gone wrong: eBay works best when buyers and sellers solve their problems together, instead of reporting immediately to the authorities.

More often than not, getting what they paid for, buyers have a completely different problem: they knew what they were paying for, but they didn’t realize that they were paying dearly, with poor quality or with a scam.

The next email will provide a list of tips on how to avoid being stolen on eBay.


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