Download Page Or Membership Site To Start Delivering Products
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Download Page Or Membership Site To Start Delivering Products

When you have anything for sale online one of the first issues you are going to run into is should you deliver that video or digital report using a simple download page or with a membership site. A regular download page is easier and faster to set up, but a membership site allows you to charge more and do more with your customers. A simple download page is very easy to create, simply upload any html page to your web server, create your sales letter and when making the payment button, using a service like Paypal or One Shopping Cart, specify the URL of that download page as the successful checkout URL after someone pays. It’s that simple, now you can stick anything you want on that page including a link to pdf documents, embed video and audio, and more.

But, there are many problems with this download page set up. For one, you cannot easily follow up these customers and it can be passed around. A better alternative is to set up a membership site, this means that people will see what you have for sale, they will pay you money and after buying, they will register themselves an account within your membership site. Even though it is a little extra step for them and slightly more work for you to set up this site, it now means that you can easily add updates, notify them of updates and they can easily grab a replacement copy or upgraded version of your training at any time you want. One thing that many people miss about membership sites is that you can serve multiple products and take payments for different offers using the same membership site.

When choosing between a simple download page and a membership site you should do your best to go with a membership site. A download page is great if you only have a few minutes to set something up, but if you can devote even one hour to creating your very own membership site, you can now have much more control over the delivery of your content to your buyers.