Does Your Ex Boyfriend Still Like You

Does Your Ex Boyfriend Still Like You

It can be devastating when you break up with your boyfriend and you might be asking yourself the questions ‘how can I tell if my ex boyfriend still likes me’, If the break up came as a shock it can be even more difficult to get over it.

Perhaps you have a fight and in your haste you broke up with him, but deep in your heart you know that the decision was hasty and probably not the right one.

It can be difficult to know if the break up is the best decision or if he really does still like you and if it would be worth trying to sort things out. But how do you know if your ex boyfriend still likes you, Here are some tips that might help you to find out.

The first sign that he still likes you is if he calls you and wants to meet up with you.

It is possible that he might want to remain friends and is calling you as a friend, but it is more likely to be a positive sign that he is still interested in you.

If he wasn’t interested he wouldn’t be calling you at all so if he asks you to meet him then I suggest you do.

If you decide to meet him, don’t act like you are really desperate to get him back.

Try to stay calm and let him do the talking; after all it was him who invited you to meet him. Let him talk and listen carefully so you can find out what his intentions are and decide if he really does still like you.

Don’t just make an assumption either that he wants to get back together because he asked you out, so don’t rush in to anything, wait for him to tell you how he feels.

If you both have a group of friends that you hang out with and meet up with the group you may be able to tell if he still likes you by how much attention he shows you.

If he is extra friendly with you then he probably still likes you, but if he avoids you completely then I’m afraid the relationship may be over. If he is friendly then there is some chance that you might be able to get back together.

As with meeting with a group of people, if you bump into him in a store or pub or any public place, you can tell if he still likes you by whether he avoids you or if the is really friendly toward you.

If he says that he wants to be friends then perhaps that is all you will ever be, but not necessarily, there may be a chance that a relationship could blossom again from your friendship.

Just don’t find yourself being deluded into believing that he still wants a relationship because he wants to be friends.

It can be difficult to read his wants when he wants to be friends, it could just be friendship or he could want more, you will need to take him up on his offer of friendship and wait to see if anything more happens.

If you feel that you or he made a hasty decision to break up, then why not call him and ask to meet him. You should talk about what happened to cause the break up and discuss whether it was the right decision.

Ask him how he feels and if he still likes you, there is a good chance that if the break up was in haste that he might want to give the relationship another go.

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