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DJI promises to teach the basics of programming with Robomaster S1

by Ace Damon
DJI promete ensinar o básico de programação com o Robomaster S1

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Suitable for young students and beginners in programming languages, Robomaster S1 has the role of teaching the basics of coding using the STEM model, focused on science, technology, engineering and mathematics. This type of methodological approach has been widely addressed in schools giving a large focus on skills in these areas.

For starters, the Robomaster doesn't come assembled, it comes with all available parts and needs to be assembled by its owner, which is part of the experience. In addition, the programming is also up to the user, giving utilities to the part. It looks a lot like a small version of a rover, those space robots sent for exploration like Curiosity.

The commands given to the robot are made through the Python and Scratch languages, being at the discretion of the novice programmer which one is most interested. Out there it is costing around $ 500 and has a number of interesting specs such as an Android compatible app starting with 5.0, iOS 10 and Windows 7, WiFi connection and a 2000mAh battery with a 2600mAh control.

Also comes with a camera with 120 degree angle of view, 5MP CMOS sensor. It has storage support up to 64GB and weighs 3.5kg.

This little robot has special wheels and crash sensors, plus a small plastic cannon on the front. According to DJI, you can program it to identify shapes, follow indicated paths, and make automatic speed calculations according to the route.

The company comments that this could be the kickoff for participating in its large-scale competition that brings together young programmers' machines in a closed arena to battle. DJI is known worldwide for its drones, but is increasingly diversifying its products.

Source: Tom's Hardware
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