Define the Relationship - Spelling It Out

Define the Relationship – Spelling It Out

When you first meet someone you are interested in and the two of you decide to start a relationship, the best thing you can do right off the bat is define the relationship.

Some would say that you shouldn’t put so much thought into a relationship right at the beginning, that you should just go with the flow but if the relationship is to be a successful one you need to figure out what kind of a relationship it is and what kind it is going to be.

Successful relationships are successful because they are built on several key factors.

Mutual respect is a very important factor. Mutual respect for each other then leads to trust that is also so important in a relationship. Love is fickle but if you have the love, respect and trust you are on your way to having a successful relationship.

Another way to help define the relationship is to get to know each other so well that you know what the other is thinking at any given moment.

Do you remember the Newlywed Game show, I always liked that show because you could really tell the couples who knew each other and the ones who barely spoke to each other.

I would get a really good feeling about the ones who answered all their questions correctly, you just knew they had something good.

Knowing what the other is thinking doesn’t necessarily mean you have good communication skills.

It can help but good communication skills take some effort to acquire. You are not just born with them. effective communication means you are able to take the other person’s feelings and opinions into consideration without getting angry and lashing out.

Being able to make small decisions well makes it easier when having to make the bigger decisions down the road.

A truly good relationship will start with how good each individual is. I don’t mean good versus bad, I mean how mature, responsible, good communication skills.

If each person brings those attributes to the relationship then the overall relationship will be better more often than not.

You hear all the time that good relationships are made up of good communication skills, but what the heck does that mean, Does it mean you know how to talk circles around your partner, No, of course not.

It means that you can listen to each other with respect, you don’t jump on every little thing that they say and that you learn how to accurately communicate your point without belittling your partner.

Learn to do that and the two of you are on your way to having a good relationship.

We are definitely a society that needs for things to be spelled out and defined.

It just seems to make people more comfortable when things are very clearly spelled out. when it comes to your relationship it’s important to make sure that you each know what you want and what you don’t want, figuring that out is how you define the relationship.