Dating Tips for Women

Dating Tips for Women

There are women who avoid going out on dating adventures with men, especially those who have bad first impressions when it comes to dating.

For these women, here are some dating tips that may help:

1. Look good on your date.

Taking a shower isn’t enough. Wearing a nice outfit that is comfortable for you and well suited for your date is a good factor in looking and feeling presentable. Use some perfume or cologne to add up to your spice.

Most men can’t resist asking women what looks good on a first date for a second one.

2. Never be late.

Sometimes, it’s okay for women to be late due to the rituals involved when it comes to dressing up and wearing makeup. It is fine for men to wait for a bit since this helps men to prepare for the date and loosen up a little.

3. Be lady-like and respectable.

Let the men become gentlemen. Don’t force them to be one.
If they want to open the door for you, let them.

When the door is open, pass through first. If they pull the chair for you, allow them to do so and thank them for the manly act.

Keep in mind to thank your date for every manly effort he does in order to assure him that you are acknowledging him as a gentleman.

4. Offer to pay.

It is a respectable gesture to help out on your dating expenses. But if your date insists to pay for everything, don’t resist.

At the end of your date, let him take you home safely. It is up to you if you intend on giving him a goodnight kiss as a reward for a job well done.

Best way men coping with being dumped:

In some ways a break up for a guy can be tougher than for a girl. Why, is it because they feel things more deeply, No, it’s because they think they have to act macho and not show that they are in pain which makes it so much tougher to move on. Men will often do just about everything wrong when they are trying to figure out best way men coping with being dumped.

Here are some things you should and should not do if you have been dumped by your woman:


1. Call, text, or ‘drop by’ all the time. If you do this too often it will move past the flattering stage, assuming she was ever flattered in the first place, and move into the creepy stalker stage. If you feel you have to talk to her only do it once in a while.

2. When you see her in public don’t run up to her and start telling her why she made a mistake and that you want her back. For one thing she will likely not be interested and you’ll likely get mad and make a scene, and for another this could turn into the stalker thing in rule # 1.

3. Go out and hook up with every other woman you can find. While it may make you feel a little better for a short time, it isn’t fair to the other women and if your ex hears about it she’s likely to be convinced that she did the right thing dumping you.

4. Don’t try to make your ex jealous. This is childish and won’t make a great impression. Sure, your ex might get jealous but even if that was enough for her to come back to you, none of the problems that caused the breakup in the first place have been resolved and odds are the two of you will only end up apart again anyway.


1. Let her know you still care but then give her some time and space. You don’t want her to think you’re just sitting around waiting for her call. No one wants to be tied to a needy person. While it’s ok to call every once in a while, don’t talk to her too much.

2. Go out with your friends and have some fun. While you’re re-entering your single life it’s important to get back to doing the things you used to like doing before you and your ex got together. Spend time with good friends and family.

3. Work on you. Everyone has areas they need to improve on and after a breakup is a good time to do it. There is a chance that you learned something about yourself either during your relationship or during your breakup that you don’t like. Now would be a good time for some self improvement.

4. Give yourself some time to grieve over your lost relationship. Take your time before you decide to start dating again. It’s very tempting to try and relieve some of the pain you’re feeling by going out and finding someone else but if you rush it you won’t have a real connection, it will just be a rebound.

Breaking up sucks. No one likes to have to go through the pain. These tips on
best way men coping with being dumped won’t take away your pain but it might provide you with a game plan on the quickest way to move on so you can get over your ex and be happy again.