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Cristiano Ronaldo makes hat-trick, 1st in the Italian; who has more, him or Messi?

by ace

Against Cagliari, this Monday (6), in the 4-0 win at Juventus in Turin, Cristiano Ronaldo got your first hat trick (three goals in one game) in Serie A since moving to Italy.

CR7, one of the best finishers football has ever known, scored in this match, the 1,001 of his professional career, two goals on his right foot, one of them being conceded by Dybala, and one on his left foot.

This hat-trick was the 56th in the Portuguese career, elected five times the best player on the planet, only the second by Juventus, a team that has defended since August 2018.

Included in this account are the ten times Cristiano Ronaldo went beyond the three goals in one match: scored four goals in eight opportunities and five goals in two (Real Madrid 9 x 1 Granada and Espanyol 0 x 6 Real Madrid, both in 2015).

In all these respects shirt 7 takes advantage of his great rival in talent and records, the Argentine Messifrom Barcelona, six times the best footballer in the world.

Shirt 10 has 53 career hat-tricks. He managed to score four goals in five games, and five goals came from a lone occasion (Barcelona 7 x 1 Bayer Leverkusen in 2012).

The following is a breakdown of the hat-tricks of these two myths of the ball.

Cristiano Ronaldo (34 years old)

  • 56
  • 0 by Sporting
  • 1 by Manchester United
  • 44 by Real Madrid
  • 2 by Juventus
  • 9 for Portugal selection

The first hat-trick was recorded on January 12, 2008 in Manchester United 6-0 Newcastle, by the English Premier League; the most recent, on January 6, 2020, in Juventus 4 x 0 Cagliari, in the Italian Championship.

Messi (32 years old)

  • 53
  • 47 by Barcelona
  • 6 for the Argentina team

The first hat-trick was registered on March 10, 2007, in Barcelona 3 x 3 Real Madrid, by the Spanish Championship; the most recent, on December 7, 2019, in Barcelona 5 x 2 Mallorca, also by the Spanish Championship.

Messi sends kiss to celebrate his third goal in Barcelona 5 x 2 Mallorca at the Spanish Championship at Camp Nou (Albert Gea – 7.Dec.2019 / Reuters)

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In time 1: Two years and almost five months younger than Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi began playing pro in November 2003, a year and a month after CR7. Over these almost two decades, the Argentine played 147 games less than the Portuguese (854 to 1,001), meaning his average hat-tricks per game is higher (1 out of 16 games, compared to 1 out of 18).

In time 2: Neymar, the most outstanding Brazilian player of this decade, registers at 19 years 19 hat-tricks. On average, one every 32 matches.


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