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Couple finds three puppies living in sheep carcass

by ace

A couple was walking up a mountain in Monte Cristo, Utah, on Saturday, as the first snow of the season fell and temperatures began to drop in the state when they found a dog alone on the mountain.

According to Fox News, Corey Holt and Kat Perry returned a day after finding the dog to try to feed her.

"I'm not leaving any animals on the mountain to starve, and it was obvious she had puppies," Perry told FOX13.

The next day, during their search, they found three shivering puppies living inside a sheep carcass, which may have been the animals' food at some point.

“The dogs were cold, shivering and wet. They were little ice balls, ”said the woman.

The Weber County Sheriff's search and rescue office was briefed on the puppies and went to help retrieve the puppies, two males and one female, who are of the Pyrenees mountain dog breed.

The rescue has managed to fetch all the puppies, but the mother is still missing.
"We didn't have a leash, we didn't have a rope, and we decided the best thing to do was to get the dogs first and then come back and get the mother," Holt said.

Before leaving the mountain, they put food for the dog.

In a Facebook post, Perry says he already has plans with Hope’s Rescue, a group dedicated to saving and finding rescued dog houses that will try to find owners for the puppies.


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