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Corrosive chemical attack on nursery school leaves 54 injured

by Ace Damon
Corrosive chemical attack on nursery school leaves 54 injured

A total of 51 children and three educators were injured, including two in serious condition following a caustic soda attack on a nursery school in Kaiyuan, southern China,

The attack occurred on Monday afternoon when a 23-year-old man identified as Kong entered the facility and sprayed the victims with that corrosive chemical he stored in spray cans.

The suspect was arrested an hour later, local media reported.

Police revealed that the man was unemployed and suffering from "psychological problems" due to his parents' divorce, which led to "a pessimistic and vindictive mindset."

This is the latest such attack in China, where these incidents are usually led by people with psychological problems or resentments towards society.

Although China is generally a safe country, such attacks on public places, especially schools, are relatively common.

Last April, a kindergarten teacher in central China's Henan Province was arrested for deliberately poisoning 23 children between the ages of 4 and 5, one of whom had to be hospitalized in serious condition.

In the same month there was also a knife attack at a school in Hunan province that resulted in two children killed and two others injured.

Chinese law strictly prohibits the sale and possession of firearms, so attacks are usually made with knives, hand-made explosives or being run over.



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