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Corbyn to reveal 150,000 homes-a year-building ‘revolution’ at manifesto launch

by Ace Damon
Corbyn to reveal 150,000 homes-a year-building 'revolution' at manifesto launch

Jeremy Corbyn is launching Labor's manifesto with a scorching attack on the establishment and the rich and powerful.

He says Labor faces hostility from "billionaires, bad bosses and rogue owners" because they are on the side of the people and promise real change.

At the launch of the manifesto, titled "It's Time for a Real Change," Corbyn will say in Birmingham on Thursday: "This is a manifest of hope. A manifesto that will bring real change.

Jeremy Corbyn Launched Labor Broadband Policy on Friday

"A manifesto full of popular policies that the political establishment has blocked for a generation. These policies are totally costly, with no tax increases for 95% of taxpayers."

He is expected to assert that "the hostility of the rich and powerful is inevitable," because Labor is "on their side," adding, "They know we will surrender our plans, which is why they want to keep us from being elected." .

The party's latest manifesto is a promise to spend £ 75 billion over five years on what the party calls the 'real estate revolution', with the council's largest home-building program in decades.

Labor says the money for the program – 100,000 council houses and 50,000 housing association properties per year in five years – will come from a social transformation fund paid out of loans and tax increases.

This will only happen in England, as housing is a decentralized issue for UK governments.

Charities and housing groups widely praised the proposal as a "game changer" while conservatives defended its track record.

Official statistics show that more than one million households are on the waiting lists for municipal housing.

Boris Johnson urged lawmakers not to repeat the Commons vote on Saturday for another delay
Labor manifesto promises to renegotiate Brexit agreement and then hold referendum

Other policies in the manifest include:

:: Brexit: negotiating a new agreement with the EU and submitting it to a referendum within six months

:: Nationalization: BT Openreach, Railways, Royal Mail, Water and National Grid

:: Workers' rights: collective bargaining, four-day week: zero-hour contract ban

:: Climate change: the zero carbon target by 2030

Trees could "lock" carbon
The trees could lock & # 39; the carbon

In his attack on the establishment, Corbyn will say, "Work is on your side. And there would hardly be a clearer demonstration of this than the furious reaction of the rich and powerful.

"If the bankers, billionaires and the establishment thought that we represented politics as usual, that we could be bought, that nothing really would change, they would not attack us so fiercely. Why bother?

"But they know we want to say what we say. They know we will deliver our plans, which is why they want to prevent us from being elected."

"They know we will go after the cheaters, the bad bosses and the big polluters, so that everyone in our country has a fair chance in life. That's why they throw everything they have at us. Because they're really afraid because they don't." are on your side. "

Corbyn adds, "You can rely on us to do all this, because we are against the interests of defending a different kind of society. We will deliver real change for many, not few. This is what this manifesto is all about.

"And you really can have this real change plan, because you don't need money to buy it. You only need one vote – and your vote can be more powerful than all their wealth."

Polly Neate, chief executive of the Shelter charity, said the plan to build 150,000 homes a year by the end of the next parliament – within five years – would be "transformative for housing in this country."

"A promise to build social housing on this scale, if implemented, would do more than any other single measure to end housing emergencies and provide new, affordable and secure homes for hundreds of thousands currently without one," he added.

Bristol, England - October 2: Newly built houses are pictured in a housing estate on October 2, 2018 in Bristol, England. Figures released today show that activity in the UK construction industry has slowed to its weaker production in six months as companies become less confident as Brexit approaches, according to data firm IHS. Markits Construction Purchasing Managers Index (PMI). (Photo by Matt Cardy / Getty Images)
Bristol, England – October 2: Newly built houses are pictured in a housing estate on October 2, 2018 in Bristol, England. Figures released today show that activity in the UK construction industry has slowed to its weakest production in six months,

The National Housing Federation, which represents housing associations, hailed the proposals as "a real game changer."

Chief Executive Kate Henderson continued: "The housing crisis is having a disastrous effect on millions of people in England, and we need to build 145,000 new social homes every year if we want to end it."

The Chartered Institute of Housing welcomed the promise, with Chief Executive Terrie Alafat saying, "We think the scale of Labor's proposals is a welcome step towards ending the housing crisis."

Conservatives are also promising more homes, helping more people buy their own home and a fairer deal for renters.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: "Conservatives have always been the homeowners party, but under a conservative majority government in 2020, we can and will do even more to ensure that everyone can move on and realize their dream of owning their home.

"Right now, renting a property can also be an uncertain and disturbing business, and the costs of deposits make it difficult to move. Let's fix it."

Tim Darron, housing spokesman for Lib Dems, said: "It will not be councils that deny planning permission for new housing under the labor regime, but labor denying entry to EU workers traveling here to build. them.

"10% of our workforce in the construction industry is made up of EU citizens, but – like the Conservatives – Corbyn's Lab was unable to support the free movement of the EU. At Work, the workforce in that we trust will no longer be available in the UK. "


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