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Conflict between police and traffickers leaves 21 dead in Mexico

by Ace Damon
Conflict between police and traffickers leaves 21 dead in Mexico

Violence from drug trafficking has worsened in Mexico over the past 24 hours following the shootings between police and drug traffickers in the northeastern state of Coahuila, which so far have killed 21, four security agents and 17 alleged criminals.

In the early hours of Sunday, seven other suspected drug traffickers were killed by security forces to bring the number to 21 after clashes that began on Saturday in the Union border town of Villa Union. .

By Saturday night, at least 14 people had been reported killed in clashes with police and alleged members of the Northeast Cartel (CDN) in the municipality, Coahuila Governor Miguel Riquelme told reporters on Saturday.

The governor stated that the CDN had been trying to enter Coahuila daily and made an appeal to the population. "I want to ask for calm, we will not allow the reentry of crime in our region. We will use the force of the Mexican state to face this type of crime," he said.

In relation to the seven criminals killed on Sunday, the Command Center, which coordinates federal and state security forces, said the individuals tried to flee down a neighboring road to the state of Nuevo León.

Violent incidents in the northern part of the state began on Saturday when a caravan of about 20 vehicles loaded with armed men arrived on roads neighboring Villa Unión, a small town less than 60 kilometers south of the US border.

The Coahuila government detailed that some of the vehicles were hand-armored by the criminals themselves, with the CDN acronym painted on the doors, and two vans had 50mm caliber Barret rifles.

In the conflict, six police officers were injured, although they are out of danger while several people are missing. The initial list was longer, but according to Riquelme, four children were found.

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