Colors Are Also Character And Attitude

by ace

Colors don’t just exude character or attitude.

It can also represent moods, holidays, and lively language. Here are some of the widely used colors and their poetry:

1. Red. Red means passion, love, battle, and celebration. ‘Seeing red’ means being angry. Regarding the language of business, “seeing red” means losing money.

2. blue. Blue connotes loyalty and fidelity.

This is the reason why most brides carry something blue on their wedding day.

This color also means noble descent – a color used by “blue-blooded” individuals, like aristocrats and people of equivalent rank.

The color blue is also used in some phrases like “out of the blue” or from an unknown source or at an unexpected time and “in the blue” or the unknown.

3. purple. This is a real color. Many royalties use purple clothes as an emblem of authority and position. Furthermore, even Cleopatra, the Egyptian queen, loved the color purple.

To purchase the same, she orders her servants to absorb 20,000 Purpura snails for ten days.

Purple is also suitable for boosting imagination. Artists like Leonardo da Vinci believed that this color increases creativity tenfold. The same thing with Richard Wagner.

For him, purple serves as an inspiring color. In speech and writing, we have the phrase ‘purple speech,’ which means profane conversation and ‘purple prose,’ which is a writing of exaggeration and ornamentation.

4. green. Green symbolizes jealousy, victory, nature, and youth. It is also considered as a healing color. We have phrases like ‘a person with a green thumb,’ ‘green with envy,’ and ‘monster with green eyes.’

The first sentence means that a person is right in growing plants. The second means full of jealousy or envy, and the last means jealousy.

5. yellow. Yellow means deception, warning, and danger.

It can also mean brightness and joy.

In communication, if someone calls you a ‘yellow belt,’ he suggests that you are a coward.

6. white. It means peace, purity, truce, innocence, devotion, and enthusiasm. When we say “white heat,” it means intense passion or anger.

7. black Black means elegance, sophistication, darkness, secrecy, and evil.

In business, “in the black” means you are making money. Other phrases that use this color are ‘black sheep’ and ‘black humor.’

The former implies an outcast, and the latter means a sickly or somber mood. In the story, ‘Blackshirts’ is the name of Hitler’s security troops.

They are also known as S.S. Everyone should know the meaning and significance of colors.

This is to avoid false statements, especially in the field of marketing. Printers and web designers should also be familiar with this to give the correct impression in their web designs, as well as in color printing services.


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