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Clubs live yo-yo between the 1st and 2nd division of Brasileiro

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Fourth placed in Serie B 2014, Avaí won a place in the Brazilian championship of the 2015 Serie A, where it was demoted The Santa Catarina team rose again in 2016, fell in 2017, rose in 2018 and fell again in 2019, with five rounds in advance.

It is the clearest example of yo-yo clubs, which show the strength to reach the first division but are unable to maintain it. Since Nacional became the current format (running points with 20 clubs in series A and B) in 2006, there have been eight teams with at least five comings and goings between the first two divisions.

Only Avai registers four hits and four descents. The ups and downs became so constant that assistant coach Evando took command of the team in the 25th round after Alberto Valentim resigned, certain that he would not avoid the worst.

“We had recognized internally that it was almost impossible to stay in Serie A. In the internal evaluation we had already been downgraded,” said Evando, who inherited the team in penultimate place with 17 points from 24 matches.

“How would we win 10 of 14 games? It was very hard. We cannot express this because people are not prepared to listen. Now it's to execute the 2020 project to form a strong team, ”added the coach, who is expected to return to assistant.

The problem, judging by recent history, will not be to make a good 2020. What Avaí seeks, besides recovering next year, is to structure itself so that permanence in Series A is an achievable goal in the Brazilian of 2021.

“We made a lot of mistakes in 2019, and the concern is not to make mistakes in 2020,” said President Francisco Battistotti, who talks to experienced Uruguayan coach Jorge Fossatti, 67, in an attempt to make him the architect of a more lasting rise.

As with several teams that rise to the first division, there is a difficulty in making Santa Catarina greater investments. With the brief stay in the elite, the recipes also follow the logic of yo-yo, in a cycle that leads to sports problems.

Therefore, advancing in the Brazil Cup has become a major goal. The board has established that the goal is to overcome at least four phases, as the competition offers high prizes to participants.

The figures for 2020 have not yet been released, but based on the 2019 awards, overcoming these four phases and reaching the last 16 would yield $ 4.5 million. This would, for example, represent 12% of the total revenue earned by Avaí in 2018, the last year of the Series B team.

A larger injection into the box would allow a better qualified cast to assemble that could have longevity in the club beyond next season. But, remind the leaders, you have to be grounded and think of a good 2019 first.

"We want to fight for titles, especially the Serie B. When we build a strong team, we always fight and move to Serie A. But we want to aim for the title," said former midfielder Marquinhos, current football manager, used to seesaw since the days of player.

In the up and down, the Sport now makes movement opposite to the Avaí. Downgraded in 2018, the Pernambuco team built a solid campaign in the 2019 Serie B, behind only the well-sponsored champion Bragantino, and is now preparing to stop the yo-yo movement.

The club is concerned, however, to avoid the temptation of overspending. President Milton Bivar has repeated that it will be “a difficult year” because of the complicated red-black financial situation.

The debt at the end of 2018 was at R $ 145 million. And the strategy adopted was to drag the payment, which makes the near future more complicated.

“We know that 2020 will be a year of paying the unpaid bill in 2019. Sport was even benefited by some lenders who had the view that the club, as it was in the second division, was unable to settle commitments. assumed by past management, ”explained Executive Vice President Carlos Frederico de Melo.

TV money is the prime example. The club, which took $ 6 million for Serie B broadcasts, has at least $ 22 million guaranteed – the base value of all Serie A teams in 2019, which will still be corrected for 2020. There is also the quota per game. transmitted, the prize for the final classification and the money from the pay-per-view system, which makes Sport work in the expectation of exceeding R $ 50 million in the next Brazilian.

"The quota will multiply by ten. But you can't think you can multiply your expenses," said Melo.

According to the leader, deluding himself with television money was a mistake made by previous managements. That is why, from the initial amount to be received, R $ 18 million will be slaughtered, which had been advanced by Globo.

Sport's executive vice president spoke of “making a team competitive” but without incurring “untimely spending”. For the leader, this is precisely, after a fall and a sequential access, "the strategy of staying in Series A for a longer period." Even without money, he believes, it is possible.

“In 2008, Sport won the Brazilian Cup with a somewhat modest team, on a salary-based tripod, united group and competitive players. There are examples of competitive football betting on financial responsibility, ”said Melo.

“We have a pacified club and a president who is deeply knowledgeable about Brazilian football, with credit among the clubs. I think there is a good scenario for us to really fight to stay in Serie A and from there rebuild our trajectory, ”concluded the top hat.

Making the yo-yo stop high is also the plan of Coritiba and Atlético-GO. Each of these clubs, which have just secured their presence in the 2020 Serie A, has accumulated three Premier League hits and two second-tier declines since 2006.

Serie B Champion Bragantino bet on partnership with the energy drinks company Red Bull so your back to the elite after more than two decades don't be brief. As the CSA realized, with relegation virtually flattened in its first first division experience since 1987, it is not easy to compete with opponents with greater investment capacity.

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