Cloister At Sea Island

by ace

The Cloister At Sea Island is an eight-kilometer coastal vacation spot in Georgia. Sea Island is known for its golf course, which, after recent improvements, is now better than ever.

There are a total of 54 holes, including the 18-hole Planting Course, opened in 1998 and designed by Rees Jones.

The 18-hole Seaside Course was renovated by Tom Fazio and reopened again in 1999. You can learn to play golf on this course or just play and perfect your game. The Sea Island resort also offers a spa with several fitness facilities.

You can participate in special classes, as well as personalized fitness and wellness programs. Other activities around the resort include tennis, horseback riding, sunset cruises, boat trips, fishing, shooting school, canoeing, swimming, and even diving lessons.

Sea Island also offers a family destination, where children can choose from a variety of different vacation activities.

Children can play tennis in the afternoon for free and even attend complimentary golf and tennis clinics. During the summer, spring break, and even holidays, the resort is pleased to offer a program for children aged 3 to 11 years.

Resort rooms and food The Cloister of Sea Island offers more than 250 rooms and suites, located in several houses on the island of the sea.

Retreat House, Hamilton House, and Harrington House are all located on the beach, while the newest guest houses and Terrace Houses are located between the beach and the tennis center.

Guests visiting Sea Island can also stay at the Lodge at Sea Island Golf Club, opened in March 2001. The Lodge offers its guests 40 luxurious rooms and suites, situated above the club with a golf course and even a view of the ocean.

The main dining room of the Cloister offers live music and dancing in the warmer months. The Terrace dining room, located at the Lodge at Sea Island Golf Club, serves continental cuisine with a southern touch.

Late spring, summer, and early autumn are by far the best times to visit the Cloister of Sea Island. Sea Island is an hour’s drive from Savannah, Georgia, and an hour from Jacksonville, Florida.

Private planes can also land at McKinnon Airport on the island of St. Simons, which is 6.5 km from the Cloister. No matter how you get here – you’ll be glad you did!


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