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Chrome OS will show when Chromebook will stop receiving updates

by ace

Google will release a version of Chrome OS in the future that will tell you the "lifetime" of the Chromebook operating system. The news should come in version 80 of the OS, but is already appearing in the software development edition based on the popular web browser.

Chromebooks are study-oriented notebooks that have input hardware and are made with Chrome OS in mind. As its name implies, the operating system is based on the browser of the same name made by Google, and since the devices running it have limited capacity, support for upgrades is not that great.

As 9to5Google explains, manufacturers typically deliver about five years of support for system upgrades on Chromebooks. From that time, the device "dies" in the eyes of Google and the manufacturer, and only receives updates in emergency cases, or if the user installs another operating system on the device.

Google have a list of all Chromebooks on your site with the "expiration date" for their updates. Starting with Chrome OS 80, however, the information will also be available directly from the operating system for easy access for users.

Image: XDA Developers / Reproduction

According to XDA Developers, the Canary edition of the system is already displaying the new option: product lifetime now appears within the "Settings" options, under the "Additional Details" tab, such as "Update Schedule" . As shown in the image above, the product in which the information was viewed has guaranteed updates until July 2025.


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As 9to5Google points out, the news does not solve the problem of Chrome OS losing support before competitors such as Windows, macOS, and other Linux distributions. Still, the change serves to bring more transparency to the operating system.

Chrome OS version 80 begins shipping in February 2020.

Via: XDA, 9To5Google


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