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Chile: Students and police clash in subway protests

by Ace Damon
Chile: Students and police clash in subway protests

Thousands of Chilean students gathered late Friday afternoon on subways in Santiago, Chile, to protest against the increase in public transport fares. During the demonstration, some young people vandalized and destroyed part of the stations and police fired on the protesters.

The chaos began after the price of the subway in Santiago started to cost 830 Chilean pesos, about R $ 4.80, becoming one of the most expensive in Latin America during peak hours. Prices for buses have also increased.

Students began skipping the subway turnstiles and protests spread throughout the city. At some points, police and protesters clashed and there are police records shooting at the youth.

Protesters broke ratchets and barriers and some set the emergency brakes on the trains, affecting about 2.5 million passengers.

On Twitter, the official Santiago subway account confirmed that all subway lines are closed because of the protests and that passengers and workers would not have minimum security conditions if they wanted to travel.

Chilean President Sebastián Piñera invoked the Chilean State Security Act as a measure to control the protests, which could yield up to 10 years in prison for young people accused of public disorder.

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