Cats Can Be Healthy Without Drinking Milk?

by ace

I think my cat does not want to drink milk; what should I do?

Almost everyone who has never had a cat before, or who has never had a restless cat, has the impression that all cats drink milk.

It’s like saying that all women like chocolate, of course, most women like chocolate, but there is a large enough percentage that doesn’t like it to refute the prevailing thinking.

Similarly, with cats, it goes without saying that most cats drink milk, but not all.

Some cats don’t like milk, and some are lactose intolerant!

If you think your kitten does not like milk, or if your vet has advised you those skin problems are caused by an allergy that he attributed to being a lactose allergy, you need to ensure that the kitten drinks a lot of water.

If the kitten is young, you should ask your vet to suggest some alternatives to ensure that he receives the right amount of calcium to ensure that his bones and teeth thrive.

An older cat does not need much attention given to its calcium intake, but if you know it is not drinking milk, choose one of the cat food brands that adds calcium among the vitamins and minerals added to the pack.

If you want to make sure that your cat is getting an adequate amount of calcium for its age and size, check with your veterinarian again when taking the cat for annual checkups.

If your cat is pregnant, nursing a litter, or moving to the elderly feline category, check with your veterinarian again if you need a calcium supplement for your pet.

Although all cats need calcium, just like us, and in different amounts throughout the various stages of life, it is more than possible that your cat is entirely healthy without drinking milk.

A few minutes spent with the vet consultation will soon ensure that everything is fine and how to ensure your kitten’s nutritional intake.


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