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Canadian broadcaster cuts Trump appearance on 'Forgot Me 2'

by Ace Damon
Canadian broadcaster cuts Trump appearance on 'Forgot Me 2'

US President's participation lasts 7 seconds, but 8 minutes has been removed from the film's broadcast for commercial reasons, they explained.

A new controversy erupted between Canada and US President Donald Trump at the Christmas party with the eight-minute cut of the film "Forgotten Me 2: Lost in New York" (1992) by Canadian public broadcaster CBC , which contains a guest appearance by the tycoon.

Both countries' media outlined the controversy on Friday after Fox News's favorite Trump, Fox & Friends television show denounced the alleged "censorship" of the Canadian broadcaster yesterday, noting that the elimination This stretch actually occurred five years ago for commercial reasons.

In fact, Trump's participation takes just seven seconds of the movie's eight-minute blackout, a sequel to the box office hit "Forgotten Me," which CBC has broadcast for several years on Christmas Day.

The eight-minute cut would have gone another year unnoticed had it not been for Fox & Friends, which in turn noted Trump's disappearance following an article on Comicbook.com.

CBC Explanation

CBC explained that the edit was made five years ago to eliminate a total of eight minutes and to be able to insert advertising into the broadcast, a common practice on television.

Canadian broadcaster spokesman Chuck Thompson said on the CBC Web site that, "as is often the case with television-adapted movies, 'Forgot Me 2' was edited to save time. The scene with Donald Trump was one of several that were cut because it was not an integral part of the story. "

"These editions were made in 2014, when the film was first acquired and before Trump was elected president," Thompson added.

Trump's accusation

Despite the explanations, one of the president's sons, Donald Trump Jr., called his father's disappearance from the CBC broadcast "pathetic."

And Trump himself, via Twitter, hinted last night that the editing of the movie was the result of a decision by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, with whom he has had several public clashes recently.

"I think Justin Trudeau doesn't like me making him pay for NATO or trade!" Wrote Trump, ignoring the fact that Trudeau was not prime minister when the cut was made.

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