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California won’t buy cars from GM, Chrysler or Toyota because they sided with…

by Ace Damon
California won't buy cars from GM, Chrysler or Toyota because they sided with...

Chris Isidore and Peter Valdes-Dapena, CNN

Published Tuesday, November 19, 2019 2:46 PM EST

The state of California is targeting GM, Chrysler, Toyota, Nissan and other automakers that are aligned with the Trump administration in its battle for emissions rules.

California issued a statement on Monday saying that as of January, the state would only buy vehicles from automakers that recognize the authority of the California Air Resources Council to set strict greenhouse gas emission standards for vehicles. California has also pledged only to negotiate with automakers committed to stringent emissions reduction goals.

Separately, the state also said it will no longer buy sedans that are powered solely by internal combustion engines, no matter who manufactures the car. It will only buy electric or hybrid sedans, although California makes an exception for certain public safety vehicles. This rule does not apply to purchases of SUVs or trucks.

"Carmakers who have chosen to be on the wrong side of history will be on the losing side of California's purchasing power," California Governor Gavin Newsom said in a statement. "In court and in the marketplace, California is facing those who put short-term profits ahead of our health and our future."

General Motors, Fiat Chrysler, Toyota and Nissan, among others, formed a group to intervene in federal court proceedings to argue that there should be a single set of emissions and mileage rules all over the country. Currently, the Trump government and the Environmental Protection Agency are seeking take away california law set stricter emission rules for you and 13 other states that follow the rules set by California. The 14 states that follow California's rules have about a third of the US population.

The California ban could affect sales of affected automakers, mainly GM and Chrysler. Between 2016 and 2018, California bought $ 58.6 million in vehicles from GM, $ 55.8 million from Fiat Chrysler, $ 10.6 million from Toyota and $ 9 million from Nissan, according to Reuters.

Four automakers – Ford, Volkswagen, Honda and BMW – have reached an agreement with CARB reduce emissions by improving fuel mileage and using electric vehicles, even when the EPA reverses national rules cut emissions. These automakers could benefit from California rules about who to buy in the future. Tesla, California's only automaker, manufactures nothing but electric vehicles and therefore also abides by the rules.

Automakers pushing for a single set of emissions rules say they believe the EPA and California must come to an agreement that both sides can live with. They say that in lawsuits they are willing to have stricter rules than current mileage and emissions standards, but fail to meet the ambitious targets that California has set for the future.

While the details of California's vehicle purchasing rules are not yet detailed, they could prevent the state from buying all-electric vehicles manufactured by court-challenging automakers, including GM's Chevrolet Bolt, in favor of a gasoline hybrid vehicle. electric vehicle manufactured by Ford, which currently does not have only electric vehicles available for sale. Volkswagen has an electric version of the Golf available for sale in California, but it is imported and not manufactured at its only US factory in Tennessee.

"Removing vehicles like the Chevy Bolt and banning GM and other manufacturers from taking into account will drastically reduce California's options for affordable American-made electric vehicles and limit its ability to meet its goal of minimizing the state government's carbon footprint. goal that GM shares, "GM said in a statement. "GM is committed to an all-electric future and that's why we support California's initiative to electrify its fleet."

The Fiat Chrysler has only one all-electric vehicle, an electronic version of the Fiat 500, built in Mexico. And that should be stopped at the end of the current model year. But he said he pledged to spend $ 10 billion to develop 30 vehicles with some form of electrification by 2022.

"Fiat Chrysler fully embraces the goal of reducing vehicle emissions to ensure an environmentally sustainable future," he said.


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