Burger King Begins Testing Hamburger 100% Without Meat

by ace

Burger King on the USA begins to test hamburger 100% without meat.

No Aprils fool joke: The Impossible Burger is the result of a million dollar research and uses vegetable substitutes to reproduce even the taste of blood from meat.

On Sunday, the fast-food chain Burger King announced that it would test the “Impossible Burger” in some snack bars inside Whopper, the brand’s best-known sandwich.


The tests will happen in almost 60 units of the Burger King in the city of Saint Louis, in the state of Missouri, in the USA.

The news came with a promotional video, in which customers from the diner unknowingly try the meatless hamburger and apparently do not notice the difference.

The Impossible Burger

You must be thinking, “Big deal. I’ve tasted BK’s vegetarian sandwich. “And it’s true.

The Impossible Burger is as vegetarian as a potato, chickpea or mushroom burger, but there is a big difference between them: the impossible hamburger uses science to recreate the flavor of the meat.

Behind the burger is Impossible Foods, a startup founded in 2011 that develops vegetable protein products that come closest to the taste of animal protein.

The burger being sold at Burger King is the result of nine years of research, a lot of genetic engineering and a $ 250 million investment.

Who invested in fake meat? People like Bill Gates and companies like Google. Impossible bet on an alternative for the consumption of meat and, for that, decided to reproduce also the blood present in this type of food.

To do this, they use a kind of fungus to produce a molecule called heme, present in soybeans and which, in mammals, is an essential component of the hemoglobin contained in the blood.

And it is precisely he who gives the characteristic flavor of the flesh.

Burger King announces it will have a plant-based Whooper for the first time.

The Impossible Whopper, made with the plant-based Impossible Burger, will be tested in 59 St. Louis restaurants starting today.

This is not an April Fool’s Joke.

Partnering with Burger King is an essential step towards popularizing the impossible burger, but it is not the first.

By 2018, Impossible was already present in 1,000 US snack bars and produced 226 tons of “meat” per month.

According to food servants, their production uses three times less water and emits 80% less CO2 than ordinary meat, and occupy a 20 times smaller area.

In January, the company improved its revenue and launched a version 2.0 of the vegetable burger in a unit of White Castle, another American chain store in the city of Las Vegas.

In addition to the US, Impossible also markets food in restaurants in Canada and Hong Kong.

If you do not want to wait for it check those who tried, a proof that “meat without meat” might be a hit.


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