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Brazilian technicians should learn without envy

by Ace Damon
Brazilian technicians should learn without envy

If Manchester City, run by Guardiola, a two-time English Champion, wins the Champions Leagueand Liverpool, led by European champions Klopp, beat the English Championship, the two teams, facing each other on Sunday (10), will be even more celebrated.

If Liverpool and Manchester City had Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo, they would be favorites to win the European title. Even so, they are among the most likely.

In Real Madrid's 6-0 win over Galatasaray in the Champions League, Rodrygo was the highlight with three goals and a pass for Benzema to score. Rodrygo has occupied, in the imagination of the Real fan and around the world, the space that would be Vinicius Junior.

I repeat, Vinicius lacks more technical qualities in finishing and goal-passing, and especially more clarity in decisions. It is too early to make a definitive analysis of both.

Kroos praised Rodrygo's technical qualities and added that he does not lose the ball. Certainly, without saying, made a comparison with Vinicius, as this gives the counterattack to the opponent. For a German star, this is critical.

Liverpool and Manchester City have similar playing strategies for intensity, compactness, for pushing who's holding the ball close to the other goal, and for getting many players into attack.

In Liverpool, the two strikers on the sides, Salah and Mané, enter the middle to finish, taking the space left by the forward Firmino, who returns to receive the ball. The sides advance a lot and with great efficiency in the intersections.

Already in Manchester City, the tips act open, and the forward moves forward. The two sides close in half and form a trio of shipowners with the steering wheel. With that, the midfielder on each side moves forward and approaches the goal.

As Cléber Machado said in the Sportv National Team, the Flamengo It is not a revolutionary team, but it brings to Brazilian football the way of acting of the main European teams.

Technicians in Brazil should learn without envy. Flamengo did not perform well against Botafogo, because the opponent scored a lot, with violence. This is not football. It was evident that at least one player would be sent off.

Mano Menezes gave a good interview to Bola da Vez, from ESPN Brazil. He said that all the news from Europe, in recent times, have arrived in Brazil, but about ten years later. As Europe scrutinizes the details, Brazilian teams are in the testing phase without the patience of the fans, the club and the press.

Mano also said that the training must be in accordance with the game strategy. Europeans have been doing two-touch training for decades, because they play it that way. Brazil started to do the same training with the same intensity, but most mid-front players love dribbling. She gets confused and does not do one thing well or the other. You have to pass and dribble well at the right time.

Mano Menezes is a good trainer, has a lot of knowledge and explains well what he thinks. It is a teacher. But if it were bolder, with a hint of fantasy, and less predictable, it would be much better.

Football is a sport of astonishing reasons and emotions that occur in a sigh, in the blink of an eye, between one heartbeat and the other. These are details that can change a game, a championship and even the history of football.

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