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Brazilian homophobia victims in Lisbon: 'On the street they ask us for forgiveness'

by Ace Damon
Brazilian homophobia victims in Lisbon: 'On the street they ask us for forgiveness'

What should have been a family afternoon for Victor Drummond and Fabio Liebl has become a case of reverberating homophobia worldwide, with more than 50 reports.

But the main repercussion has been among the Portuguese. After the disclosure of the case, the couple has received solidarity in the streets of Lisbon. "They stop us on the street to apologize," Drummond said in an interview with R7.

The Brazilian couple was the victim of homophobic injury followed by assault on September 29, in Praça do Comércio, in Lisbon.

Drummond and Liebl's reaction also caught the attention of the Portuguese. Some of those who address the couple in the streets congratulate the courage to have denounced the event.

Drummond explained that, even if it is a conservative country, such cases in Portugal are a "point off the curve" because the country is one of the most protected laws in the LGBT community in Europe.

“When a young couple have the guts to go to the press and bump into reporting this, it encourages others to do the same.”

LGBTs in Portugal

Even with this title of country that best protects the rights of the LGBT population, the executive of the International Gay and Lesbian Association (ILGA) informs that in 2019, 186 cases of homophobia were registered in Portugal and that, by Because it is a conservative place, many still live in “their moldy cabinets”.

The country is also experiencing an increase in gender-based violence and the number of femicides is increasing – such as the Brazilian Camila Mendes, whose body was recently found in a suitcase.

For Drummond, the increase in these cases of violence is linked to the strength with which the far right has gained in the great political positions in the world.

"It seems that these incubated hatreds are being empowered, either by a ruling president or by conservative parties that are having force in world elections."

The journalist also states that the voice of conservatism is expressed by violence, as in the case of him and his husband.

"The ambulance took half an hour to arrive"

Drummond and Liebl spent a year living in Buenos Aires and in 2019 moved to the Portuguese capital in an act they call "post-political self-exile."

At R7, Drummond says that on that Sunday he was accompanied by his husband and cousin – who lives in Sao Paulo and was visiting Lisbon – returning from lunch and walked towards Praça do Comércio, a tourist spot in the city that , during the high season, there are about 10,000 people in the region per day. There they were approached by 5 drug traffickers offering cocaine and heroin.

The journalist explained that this approach is very common in Lisbon and that since he and her husband arrived in the city nine months ago, they have been approached this way more than 100 times.

Drummond said he and her husband ignored the first offenses, but at one point he said he would call the police and took out his cell phone to record and photograph the traffickers.

"When I open my cell phone to film, Fabio asked me to run and said they were coming," says the journalist. “As I ran and took a few steps in front of Fabio, already shouting to the police, I heard a noise behind me. When I saw Fabio on the floor, protecting his head. ”

Fabio Liebl said he was cornered by four of the traffickers, who came down and began to beat him.

Despite requests from Drummond for help, the couple report that the police were walking "quietly" to the scene only when they saw Fabio on the ground and detained the traffickers, but without arresting them because the Lisbon Municipal Guard has no prison power. .

“They asked us to call the Portuguese Public Security Police (PSP), which took 15 minutes to arrive, and divided us into two groups, the assaulted and the aggressors.”

After 30 minutes, an ambulance arrived to take care of Fabio's injuries, which he said were bloody and torn.

The nurses induced the refusal of care, saying that he "was not in a position to decide whether or not to go." The couple went to the hospital on their own.

Public crime

Drummond and Liebl sought out ILGA and were instructed to go to the Judiciary Police, which is equivalent to the Brazilian Civil Police, because it was a crime with more than one aggressor. “When this happens here in Portugal, crime is characterized as public,” explained Drummond.

The couple opened a homophobic injury investigation and added the evidence (photos of Liebl's injuries and torn clothes) in another assault investigation. Even with the evidence and police inquiries, the perpetrators will respond freely.

An issue that goes beyond ideology

This was the first time the couple had experienced a physical assault, but Drummond says that in 2017, while still living in Sao Paulo, they had a homophobia situation with an application driver because they had “the little fingers” .

Despite having gone through a second case of homophobia, the couple stated that one of the flags they want to raise in this discussion is inclusion, including those who beat them.

“At some point in this mechanism, they were excluded and the responsible for it is a reckless, conservative society that doesn't look at these people.

Living this exclusion so explicitly, the two Brazilians do not refuse to indicate the solution to these questions: access to education, culture and art.

“We want justice, but not only. With all the repercussions, our struggle is for respect, for looking at the human figure regardless of who it is, for inclusion and common sense. ”

* R7 Intern under the supervision of Cristina Charão

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