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Brazilian Athletics makes World Cup almost, but has good prospects

by Ace Damon

THE penultimate day of the Doha World Athletics gathered the two biggest chances of medal in Brazil in the competition. This Saturday (5), Darlan romani, the throwing team, and the 4 x 100 m relay sprint team came close to meeting expectations but ended up off the podium for a position.

Thus, the Brazilian delegation bid farewell to the event held in Qatar without any medal won, unlike 43 other countries that have placed at least one athlete in the top three of any race.

There is another way, however, to analyze the Brazilian performance in competition. The International Athletics Federation organizes a ranking based on participation in finals, with scores distributed from first to eighth place.

In this regard, Brazil made the second best World Cup in its history, behind only the performance obtained in 1999, when it left the competition in Seville with three medals – in the total of the 17 editions of the championship, the country accumulates 13 podiums. In Doha, Brazilians finished seven races in the top eight.

If for many the second place is the first of the last, hardly anyone will report a performance that culminated in the fourth position as something memorable. In spite of the immediate reading, occupying this post may mean good chances of evolving out of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics as a medalist.

It is common for athletes of any sport, because they feel the pressure or have not prepared properly, to deliver a performance well below their best in the most important event of the year. Therefore, it is a good sign for Brazilian athletics that this did not happen with the main names of the country.

Darlan, 28, did not make the best shot of his career on Saturday, but at 22.53m he came close to his personal record: 22.61m. The result of Santa Catarina would be enough to give him a medal in any other edition of world championship, but it happened of Doha to witness the strongest event in the history of the sport.

Even if he had topped his best mark, it probably would not be enough to compete with the top three finishers in Qatar, who shot an impressive 22.91m and 22.90m. They were the three best results since the world record (23.12 m) was set in 1990.

Already the Brazilian 4 x 100 m relay, with the time of 37s72, broke the South American record of the race, but still lagged behind Japan, Britain and the United States. By May, when the team won the specific world relay championship, it had been 33 cents slower.

Alison dos Santos, the main revelation of Brazilian athletics at 19, also made your best time ever in the 400 m hurdles (48s28) and reached seventh position. After him, the youngest athlete in the final was 22 years old, which gives the dimension of how young can evolve in the coming years.

At the athletic march, 34-year-old Erica Sena finished the 20 km race, over 30 ° C even in the early hours of Qatar, in fourth position, behind three Chinese.

Far from the way he took him to gold in the pole vault at the Rio Olympics, Thiago Braz, 25, was fifth in Doha after jumping 5.70 m, 27 cm less than the top two.

Today the sport is dominated by American Sam Kendricks, Swede Armand Duplantis and Polish Piotr Lisek, but the Brazilian knows from experience that a very good day can be enough to guarantee Olympic glory.

Fernanda Borges, 31, represented the country well at the album's release and finished sixth. Another Brazilian with good results, Andressa de Morais, 28, is suspended preventively after being caught in an anti-doping test during the Pan American Games in Lima.

Among those with less than expected World Cup results are Gabriel Constantino, 24, who stumbled and missed the 110m hurdles; Almir Júnior, 26, 12th and last placed in the triple jump final; and Caio Bonfim, 28, 13th placed in the 20 km of the athletic march.

Going blank in a competition where there was a good chance of a podium will not make anyone rocket, but one cannot ignore the positive perspectives presented by the athletes from Brazil. The mission nine months from now, at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, will ultimately be to turn them into medals.

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