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Boca blinda bus to visit River and avoid 2018 incident

by Ace Damon

The two biggest fans in Argentina repeat on Tuesday (1), at 21:30 (SporTV) the clash that defined the champion of the Liberators cup last year. Boca Juniors and River Plate reinforced each other to reach the 2019 semifinal and reissue the duel that was marked by violence in the last final.

In the case of Boca, vice in 2018, in addition to Italian Daniele De Rossi, 36, the reinforcement was heavy and armored.

After the cast be stoned on arrival at the MonumentalIn November 2018, in the game of return of the decision, the club had the bus used by the delegation armored.

The vehicle, which belongs to the company FlechaBus, is the same used in 2018, but with the windows reinforced to avoid the incident that injured then Boca captain Pablo Pérez, and the youthful Gonzalo Lamardo, who accompanied the squad.

A club driver for ten years and a fan "from my mother's belly", Darío Ebertz believes players will be well protected for Tuesday's classic in Buenos Aires.

"The bus has all the armored glass, supports stones. The outside is splintered, but nothing goes inside. What beats back," says Ebertz, 55, known as "Gringo," to Folha.

He says the car has earned the nickname "La Bestia" (The Beast in Spanish), nicknamed by him.

Ebertz was the man responsible for taking the club delegation to Monumental on November 24 last year, the date of the return match for the Libertadores final.

Conmebol wanted to make the match the next day. But Boca stamped his foot claiming that there was no safety and no playing conditions. Pablo Pérez, for example, went to a clinic on Saturday to treat the pitying eye for the shards of glass and pepper gas released by police to disperse nearby River fans.

A few thousand River Plate supporters entered Monumental and waited for the ball to roll on Sunday (25), but were warned about six hours after the gates opened that the final would be delayed once again.

Boca Juniors president Daniel Angelici tried to annul the game and have the club declared champion. On the river side, the agent Rodolfo D'Onofrio complained about the need to play the classic at Monumentaldespite the incidents.

The solution that Conmebol found went to transfer the match to Madridat the Santiago Bernabéu stadium, home of Real Madrid (ESP).

After falling behind on the scoreboard, Marcelo Gallardo's men took the turn and beat their rivals 3-1. tied at 2 to 2. With the victory in Spain, River secured the fourth championship of America.

The rivals met again at the Monumental de Nuñez last September 1, in the Argentine Superleague. The match ended 0-0 and without incident.

"The police operation was very good, nothing happened. They pushed people out of the way so they could do something with the bus," says Ebertz.

A fanatical fanatic, Darío Ebertz has carried over the last ten years some of Boca Juniors' greatest idols, such as Juan Román Riquelme and Martin Palermo. With Riquelme, who was traveling in the cabin with him, he shared the mate.

"As a Boca fan, having the taste of taking the squad already fulfills all my dreams," says the driver, who waits for a classic insurance at his rival's house.

The Argentine authorities, however, are on alert. What is worrisome now is the recent clashes between River's own fans in enemy faction attacks on the club's main bar, "Los Borrachos del Tablón". On the 18th, against Godoy Cruz, for the Argentine Cup, members of the fans clashed and the police intervened in the confusion. The following weekend, followers of the team were detained in a police operation.

For Tuesday's classic, Buenos Aires police will mobilize just over a thousand agents for the Monumental de Nuñez and its surroundings.

"Hopefully an attack like last year's will never happen again. May Boca win, and be all in peace," says "Gringo," the driver of La Bestia.

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