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Black reporter arrested while covering live acts in Minneapolis

by Ace Damon
Black reporter arrested while covering live acts in Minneapolis

Journalist Oscar Jimenez of the American television network CNN was arrested while broadcasting live the arrival of police and fire trucks at the scene of the demonstrations against police violence, which began three days after a white policeman killed George Floyd, a black man, suffocated.

At about 5 am (local time) on Friday (29) Jimenez was talking about the arrival of the police forces and firefighters at the place where the demonstrators were concentrated throughout the night and early morning, with the record of several attacks on commercial establishments and other buildings, including the local police station, which was set on fire.

As he spoke, police came out from behind him to arrest a protester. Others surround the TV crew. Jimenez explains to the police that he is a journalist, is live and asks where he should take a position so that they can continue with the action. Then the reporter is arrested. The entire scene is broadcast on national television.

The other three team members are also subsequently detained. It is possible to see that the camera was still on and transmitting when it was taken from the cameraman's hands while he was also handcuffed.

Another CNN reporter, Josh Campbell, also worked on coverage of the Minneapolis protests. He, who is white, reported that he was not far from where Jimenez was arrested, but that he was treated "very differently" from his colleague. According to Campbell, the police responded to their requests and politely asked to move away from some place considered inappropriate.

The team was arrested at about 5 am local time in Minneapolis. They were released about an hour later.

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz personally apologized to CNN President Jeff Zucker. He described the arrests as "unacceptable", said that they had every right to be where they were and that he wants the media to be present at all times in covering the violent events taking place in Minneapolis.

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