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Biden first defends impeachment against Trump

by Ace Damon
Biden first defends impeachment against Trump

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US president pressured Ukrainian president to investigate pre-candidate and son, Hunter, and said China should do the same

Former Democratic Party candidate in the 2020 elections, former Vice President Joe Biden defended on Wednesday (9) for the first time the continuation of impeachment proceedings against US President Donald Trump.

"Trump has violated the responsibilities of his position, betrayed that nation and committed acts that deserve to be impeached. He should be subjected to impeachment," Biden said at a rally in the northeastern state of New Hampshire.

The change in Biden's stance, which even showed reservations about Trump's impeachment, is especially important because the open investigation in the House of Representatives has to do with the former vice president's son. Trump is accused of pressuring Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelenski to open a corruption investigation against Hunter Biden.

"He is violating our Constitution and we cannot let him get away with it," he said.

Repeated action

At the event, Biden also stated that there are already three known occasions when Trump sought help from a foreign government to reach or remain in power. For the former vice president, this attitude is "anti-American."

"Trump is not putting us to the test, he is laughing at us. He has no sense of decency…. We have to show that he is wrong. We have to show that we are up to that moment," said Biden.

"The United States cannot have a president who will abuse any power he has for the purpose of reelection," the former vice president added, calling Trump "a coward" for fear of losing the 2020 presidential election.

President retaliated

Trump's reaction didn't take long. On Twitter, the president said it was pathetic to see Biden, whom he dubbed "sleepy," plead his impeachment and accused him of deceiving two countries for millions of dollars.

"I didn't do anything wrong. Joe's failing campaign left him no choice but to ask for impeachment," Trump said.

So far, while many of his opponents in Democratic primaries openly supported the possibility of impeachment against Trump, Biden had said the process should only proceed if the president refused to cooperate with committees investigating pressure on Ukraine in the House of Representatives. Representatives.

Yesterday, the White House sent a letter to the progressive Democratic leaders warning that Trump will not cooperate with the investigations for finding the process illegitimate.

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