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Beds at Tokyo Olympic Village will be made of cardboard

by Ace Damon
Beds at Tokyo Olympic Village will be made of cardboard

Athletes staying at the Olympic Village during the Olympics and the Tokyo Paralympics This year they will sleep in beds made of recyclable materials.

They will be assembled with cardboard and polyurethane mattresses which after competitions will be recycled into other plastic products. The news was shown on Thursday (9) at the headquarters of the Games organization in the Japanese capital.

There will be 18 thousand beds in total for the Olympics to be disputed between July 24 and August 9. The Paralympics will take place between August 25th and September 6th and will use 8,000 beds.

According to Airweave, the manufacturer of the beds, each unit will be able to support about 200 kilos, weight higher than any athlete present in the Rio de Janeiro Olympics in 2016. The dimension will be 2.10 meters.

After the events, the apartments of the Olympic Village will be offered for sale with prices starting at $ 1.75 million.

The beds will not be the organizers' only attempts to make the event greener. Recycled materials from electronic devices (including 6.2 million mobile phones) will become the medals to be handed to athletes. The Olympic torch will be recycled aluminum and the marine plastic podiums. All electricity used in the arenas will come from renewable sources.

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