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Be Confident In Women Self Defense

by Ace Damon

If you sit down and think about it, we humans are exposed to violence daily.

Now, although Hollywood creates most of this violence, you must ask yourself if it is healthy for our minds.

It is always imperative to distinguish this “entertainment violence” from what is real.

Unfortunately, it seems that some people have a hard time doing this. Well, let’s talk about real violence. Is it frequent in our world? Yes!

Is it as severe and intricate as what is shown on television and in movies, usually not? Remember, it is merely for the value of entertainment.

Okay, I’m glad we solved that for real things. With real violence, there needs to be practical preparation on the side of potential victims.

That is why women’s self-defense is so widespread and encouraged today. Are you ready? It is a bit of a stereotype to identify the female gender when it comes to violence.

However, women are more at risk. Statistics show that men abuse more, and most prefer a female target. Why, because women are typically the physically weakest sex.

Men who want to do violence generally want a weaker opponent—someone they can control and dominate.

That is why children are also frequent targets.

Now, what about women’s self-defense?

Well, there are several precautions that women can take to prevent/avoid a violent attack. Mastering a martial art is usually not one of them.

It has been proven that awareness and quick thinking are far more significant advantages. You should avoid bad areas, especially at night.

This is common sense, right. You should always scan and be fully aware of your surroundings.

This lets other people know that you know what is going on.

It is difficult to surprise someone like that. Plus, you look confident and ready with your head up.

Burglars/criminals are looking for meek and unprepared individuals.

They don’t want you to recognize your presence from 30 feet away. So do it! Let people know that YOU KNOW. This is a legitimate female defense. Trust your intuition.

This is the sixth sense, and it exists only for a simple reason.

To inform you of a potential hazard and keep you safe. Do not discard it! And finally, when it comes to female self-defense, you should always use all available resources.

Whether in the bag, in the car horn to get attention or in the car key, just do what is necessary and worry about it later.

After all, it is about your life that we are talking about here.


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