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B.C. hummingbirds suffer in frigid weather

by Ace Damon
B.C. hummingbirds suffer in frigid weather

The harsh winter weather on British Columbia's southern coast froze hummingbirds resident in the area.

The Wildlife Rescue Association says it responded to more than 75 calls in just a few days from people who found distressed, frozen or hungry hummingbirds.

The group has rescued 10 hummingbirds and hopes that more help is needed over the weekend for birds in southern California. year round, instead of migrating south in the winter.

The center says that if people want to help, they should receive additional feeders and switch them when they freeze.

He says that hummingbirds need to eat almost constantly and can consume half their weight in pure sugar every day.

The center received a report of a bird passing out on a cold feeder. If this happens, the group says that people are advised to use a towel to catch the bird, to place it in a box with air holes along with the feeder, before taking it to a quiet place at night.

"Winter becomes a crisis of survival, as insects and nectar from flowering plants run out during cold weather," the group said in a press release. "Without proper care and nutrition, low temperatures can lead to hunger and death for many hummingbirds."

Janelle Stephenson, the association's hospital manager, says the danger signs to watch for in birds include weakness, confusion, visible injuries, birds that are on the ground or unable to fly.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published on January 17, 2020.


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