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Audios Revealed: Zuckerberg Says He Willing to Face US Government

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The Facebook leader will be willing to stand up to the United States government should the big technology divide scenario come true.

In files to which the US news site The Verge had access, You can hear a voice similar to Mark Zuckerberg's, which will result from two debriefing sessions with the contributors sometime in July. During the conversation, the company's CEO addresses topics such as the $ 5 billion FTC fine, but it is in criticism of Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren that Zuckerberg is most fierce.

Elizabeth Warren has been a more critical voice on the performance parameters of big tech, the four big tech, including Amazon, Facebook, Apple and Google. Warren is running for president of the United States in the 2020 elections and, arguing that these companies have overgrown, has made the big tech division a campaign banner. For the Democrat, technology must be divided between smaller companies, arguing that these companies have too much dominance in society.

In the now-known audios, Zuckerberg indicates to employees that he will not be willing to let this scenario go – at least without an iron arm with Washington.

"If someone like Elizabeth Warren, who thinks the right answer is to split the big tech … If she's elected president, then we'll have legal challenges and I bet we could win this legal battle," you can hear in the audio segments, released by The Verge website. While recognizing that the company "does not want a major lawsuit against the government itself," Zuckerberg does not rule out going to court if the company's fate is at stake.

In the conversations, it can be heard that, for Mark Zuckerberg, it is not the big tech division that will solve issues such as hate speech or political interference in the technology landscape. "It's not just business division, whether it's Facebook, Google or Amazon, that's not really going to solve the issues. And it doesn't make interference in the elections any less likely. It just makes it more likely, because companies can't coordinate and work together ".

In this segment, take advantage of a "pinprick" to Twitter. "That's why Twitter can't do a job as good as ours. I mean, they qualitatively have the same kinds of issues, but they can't put that into investment. Our investment in security is bigger than all of company revenue (from Twitter) ".

Zuckerberg responds with link to The Verge article

However, Mark Zuckerberg reacted through a posting to your Facebook page. "Every week I do a 'Q&A' ​​on Facebook, where employees ask me anything and openly share what I'm thinking about all kinds of projects and questions. The transcript of one of my 'Q&A', a few months ago it was just published online – and even if it was meant to be private rather than public, now that it's available, you can check it out if you're interested in seeing an unfiltered version of what I'm thinking and telling employees about various topics. as social responsibility, separating technology companies, Libra, neural computing interfaces and doing the right thing in the long run, "he wrote, leaving at the end of the text a link to The Verge's article with the transcripts of the conversations released.

Everything under control

It's no secret that Mark Zuckerberg is unwilling to give up his dominant position on Facebook – and other products such as Instagram and WhatsApp. In recent months, the exits of important names in Facebook's structure have been known – that of the founders of Instagram is an example, allegedly due to disagreements with Zuckerberg. When asked how he keeps the balance between the responsibility of running a business and reporting to shareholders and the responsibility to society, he simply replies that "it's not that difficult."

"One of the things I've been lucky about building the company is that I have a decisive vote in the company and that's something I've been focusing on from the start. And that's important because without it, I would have been fired several points ago. "says The Verge, citing the audio files of Facebook's internal meetings.

The TikTok Competition

At this point, Facebook is going through a scenario where the main social network is no longer so attractive to younger people – Generation Z. And if in recent years the strategy of acquiring companies that could appear as competition (cases from WhatsApp or Instagram) has paid off, the Chinese application TikTok doesn't seem to fit this scenario.

Right now TikTok (owned by ByteDance) is a hit with the youngest, with the milestone of one billion active monthly users reached in June. By comparison, Facebook took eight years to reach 1 billion users.

During the Q&A session with employees, someone asks what the social network attack plan is. "Beijing ByteDance's TikTok is the first Chinese consumer internet product that is doing well in many parts of the world. It is starting to succeed in the United States, especially among the young, and is grow rapidly in India, "you can hear.

"We have certain approaches to this, a product called Lasso, an application we are working on, to prepare you to enter markets like Mexico." The idea will pass an initial test in this market before entering markets where TikTok has a strong presence.

Is it possible to read here the complete transcript of the sound recordings released by The Verge.

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