Ask For Help Before Loneliness Becomes A Disease

by ace

Do not let this feeling go invisible and strive to create new connections.

If you are not the type to be restless and anxious when you are alone, enjoy these moments of introspection and tranquility. However, pay attention to your social life: do you go out less and less and relate to almost no one?

Studies show that loneliness is as harmful as diseases like hypertension and diabetes. The period after retirement can be challenging, especially if the person lives alone. If the work routine no longer exists, it is necessary to create new social connections that replace the previous ones, especially if the family ties are not strong, or if the children live far away.

Even for individuals who remain active, sometimes the feeling of emptiness hits hard. In that case, do not keep this pain to yourself: call friends, relatives, children, and do not let your feeling be invisible or embarrassed. It may be the first step to solving the problem.

Ask For Help Before Loneliness Becomes A Disease

Loneliness should not be ignored: phone friends, relatives, children and do not leave you feeling invisible.

Children choose the simplest approach: “Do you want to play with me?” Or “Do you want my friend?”.

They show that loneliness is not inevitable, but it will be necessary for you to strive. After all, according to a survey conducted at the University of Kansas, two people need 90 hours of cohabitation to become intimate.

In an interview with The Guardian newspaper, psychologist Linda Blair said: “A friendship is formed, basically, from shared experiences.” They are more common in childhood and youth, but you can cultivate these bonds – as long as you go out in search of them.

Social networks can help, but they do not replace human interaction. Here are some suggestions for leaving the cocoon:

Map the activities your neighborhood has to offer or use the internet to find groups with the same interests. You can also attend courses that, in addition to expanding your knowledge, will enable you to meet people you do not know.

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Look at other places that you have frequented before: if you had no ties to them before, maybe it’s time to consider how to increase your participation in these places.

Think of the little square where you take your dog for a walk and the gym as a meeting place.

Find a purpose: something that gives you pleasure and brings meaning to your life. Becoming a volunteer is an opportunity to feel useful that usually brings a lot of gratification.

You can even turn a hobby into a small business by increasing your income.

Consider sharing housing: You can have a room left over in your home and rent it to an acquaintance or student. Besides the extra income, you will not be alone all the time.

Do not be afraid to reinvent yourself. We often think we are too old for new experiences – this is the first prejudice to be dismissed.


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