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Articulated drone bends arms to pass small spaces

by ace

This is the most amazing technology in the drone world this year. The HiPeR Lab drone-focused research lab, which has already drawn attention, has presented a rather interesting way of allowing a drone to pass through a space it would not normally pass. Researchers have developed an articulated drone that is able to retract its arms in mid-flight to be much more malleable and have better displacement. Check out the video below:

The video explains that the system consists of hinges that allow free movement of the four arms and also a kind of springs to speed and improve the response time required for the maneuver. According to the researchers, this reduces the area of ​​the aircraft in half, greatly facilitating its passage through narrow and difficult to reach places.

As it is experimental, a newly developed technology is not something we should see being adopted by a company in a near release, but it looks really promising and it is not difficult to imagine that in the not so distant future large manufacturers could use the technology. . The team behind this system ensures that development has already been thought of as currently in control and programming, requiring only a few additional configurations.

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The research was done with the participation of researchers Nathan Bucki and Mark W. Mueller, and adds something that can be widely used in competitive drone modalities. With the introduction of first-person drone visualization systems, having the possibility of maneuvering through small spaces can make racing even more electrifying and add a differential to the sport.

With this feature, championships can include more challenging obstacles and create an even more interesting route for runners as well as those watching. In the video above, a drone race in Australia.

Source: HiPer Lab, ABC News


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