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Arrived in Norway to be a coach and now is mayor

by Ace Damon

Nuno Marques emigrated to Norway 15 years ago to coach a football team and was eventually elected deputy mayor of Notodden (East), duties he would never accept in Portugal, where "the main problem of politics is politicians."

Despite being the son of a former mayor of Tomar, who was in this position for two terms and many others as councilor, Nuno Marques does not welcome politics in Portugal and for several years his challenge was between four lines.

As a goalkeeper he played for Benfica, passed Amadora, and in 2004 headed for Oslo, Norway's capital, to accompany Lyn.

The end of his football career has not kept him from the pitch and has agreed to train Notodden FK, staying in the city where he has been the vice-mayor since the past 17th.

There is respect between political parties and between politicians

"I asked a member of the Norwegian parliament to go and teach my foreign students who were doing Erasmus at my university. I mentioned that my father had been mayor of Tomar 30 years ago, and she invited me to be list head "of the Center Party (Senterpartiet).

He accepted, but only because Norwegian policy is "different" from what is done in Portugal, he stressed. "These are two totally different worlds, and if such an opportunity had come to me in Portugal, no way. But here in Norway things work differently, there is respect between political parties and between politicians."

His father's political past, Pedro Marques, for decades in the local politics of Tomar, did not lead to a better idea.

The problem of politics in Portugal is the politicians

In Portugal "the speeches are always the same", he lamented. "Times change, but the speeches have always been the same and the same politicians since the 1990s. They change from office to office, some are in new parties. There is little new, few new ideas. The problem of politics in Portugal it's the politicians, "he said.

In accepting this position, Nuno Marques also wanted to reciprocate the way he felt integrated into the city and society, as well as to his family. "This was a great way to give back to a city you have given me so much," he said.

About his role in the local power of this Norwegian city, Nuno Marque said he is still living the first moments, which have been marked by great cordiality.

People are still adapting to seeing me as a politician and not as the former goalkeeper

"People are still adapting to the fact that they see me as a politician and not as the club's former goalkeeper, but I've always left a good image where I went. People have a good image of me. So far they have been a very good experience that is going better than you ever imagined, "he described.

But not everything is rosy in the local political environment, and there has recently been some resurgence among the political parties that Nuno Marques hopes to help minimize through diplomacy.

The former goalkeeper does not know which match awaits him in the future given the amount of things that have happened to him in recent years.

He knows, however, that his future and that of his family go through Norway, where the quality of life is great, stable and worry-free, and especially with family time.

He is not afraid of being addicted to politics, insisting on the need for a conscientious sleep and guarantees that he will be uncompromising about lack of education, respect and injustice.

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