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'Aquaman 2': Petition for resignation of Amber Heard exceeds 128 thousand …

by Ace Damon
'Aquaman 2': Petition for resignation of Amber Heard exceeds 128 thousand ...

After the controversy surrounding the leaked audios from Amber Heard, who admits to assaulting Johnny Depp, ‘Aquaman’ fans reinforced the petition asking for the actress’s resignation as Mera.

As the character is already confirmed in the sequel, the fans' desire is for her to be experienced by a new actress instead of Heard.

So far, the document published in the Change.org it has accumulated 128,500 subscriptions and is about to reach 130,000, but it seems unlikely that Warner Bros will comply with the request.

Even so, the document's creators claim that:

Enjoy to watch:

“Amber Heard was exposed as a domestic aggressor by Johnny Depp. In his $ 50 million lawsuit, Johnny Depp describes many incidents of domestic abuse he suffered at the hands of his (then) wife Amber Heard, including one incident in which she punched him twice in the face and another in which he broke his finger. with a bottle of vodka, and his finger had to be replaced surgically. He will carry the scar of it for the rest of his life.

Amber Heard was also arrested in 2009 for abusing a former domestic partner, Tasya Van Ree, demonstrating a repeated pattern of abuse by Amber Heard.

Since the divorce of Heard and Johnny Depp, she has systematically created a journey to ruin Depp in Hollywood, repeating several reports of false incidents in which she had actually abused Johnny Depp, but she lied and created false reports that he was the perpetrator. About the incident during which she broke the bones in Johnny Depp's finger and nearly stabbed him, requiring Depp to have surgery to replace and repair it, Heard presented a false story claiming that he cut his finger himself, he dipped it in paint and scrawled obscenities across the walls.

Likewise, Heard reports fabricated incidents of Johnny Depp hitting her in the face when she actually punched him. Although the team and neighbors in the building where she lived reported not seeing any marks on her face in the hours and days after she says Johnny Depp had hit her, she appeared in court six (6) days later with bruises on her face, asking for a temporary restraining order, which was granted. Photos of Heard since the next day show his face full, without makeup and without a bruise.

As Amber Heard is a well-known and proven domestic abuser, Warner Brothers and DC Entertainment must fire Heard from Aquaman 2. They must not ignore the suffering of Heard's victims and must not fascinate a domestic abuser.

Men are victims of domestic violence, as are women. This must be recognized and measures must be taken to prevent a known aggressor from being celebrated in the entertainment industry.

Do the right thing. Fire Amber Heard from Aquaman 2. ”

The sequel is set to premiere in December 2022.

Launched in 2018, ‘Aquaman’ raised $ 1.148 billion worldwide, making it one of DC’s biggest financial successes in partnership with Warner Bros.

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