Apple Watch Made A Miracle And Saved A Life

by ace

There is news that gives writing pleasure.

This is not to be defending brands, but rather to highlight what some manufacturers do and what should be the trend.

One of the purposes of technology is to make our lives easier. If you can save lives so much better, that’s precisely what Apple Watch did again.

This time the situation of saving a life has passed in Europe!

Someone rescued a Norwegian who fainted in the bathroom and suffered a head injury only after his watch had contacted the emergency services.

At age 67, Toralv Østvang, was using the Apple Watch 4 when he went to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

Although he is not sure what happened, he knows that he lost his senses and hit his head with three fractures in his skull.

Apple’s smartwatch alerted medical services immediately. They found the victim on the floor, bloody and unconscious, half an hour later.

If he had not been discovered, there would be no chance of saving him. In fact, all these functions have to be in a smartwatch!

Saving lives is always a priority! According to the victim’s daughter, he never took the phone with him to the bathroom and so, even if he had become conscious, he would not be able to call the medical services.

Thanks to the accelerometer and gyroscope, Apple Watch 4 can detect when a person falls.

Later, when this happens, ask the person if everything is okay. If there is no response, and the person is still for one minute, contact emergency services immediately.

In the United States, it would be 911. It also sends a message with the location data.

They should note it that this feature is enabled by default for people who are over 65 years old. In fact, Apple has traced an excellent path to health!

However, the latest Apple Watch also has the ability to examine the heart and check for any heart problems.

This functionality can be tricky to implement on all devices. It would force specific components to be placed.

That is much higher costs. Still, crash detection would be easier to implement.

It could save many lives.


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