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Anonymous buyer bids a record US$114,000 for a rare Super Mario Bros. video game

by Ace Damon

An anonymous buyer offered a record $ 114,000 for a rare, closed copy of the classic video game Super Mario Bros.

The game cartridge was originally launched in 1985 for the popular Nintendo Entertainment System console, according to Dallas’ Heritage Auctions, which held the auction on Friday.

The winning bid broke the record for most paid for a video game, according to Heritage. A copy of the same game sold for $ 100,150 in February 2019.

This version of Super Mario Bros. it was particularly rare because the box with a cardboard flap under the plastic, an indication that it was produced after Nintendo started using the shrink wrap to seal games instead of stickers, the company said in a press release.

Listed in excellent condition, Heritage said it is the highest-rated copy of the game the company has ever sold.

The video game auction raised nearly $ 700,000, according to Heritage.

A prototype of the Sega Pluto-02 Console, never sold, brought a winning bid of $ 84,000. The prototype, from the project canceled by Sega to create a second model of the Sega Saturn console, was never released to the public, according to Heritage.

A copy of Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out !! sold for $ 50,400. and one of the first sealed copies of Super Mario Bros. 3 sold for $ 38,400. It is believed to be one of less than 10 copies left, Heritage said.


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