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Amish men escaped after being pulled over for drinking and driving a horse and…

by ace

Imagine this: Two Amish men drink alcohol while operating a horse and cart carrying a 12 Michelob Ultra package and equipped with a giant stereo system.

It is not something you see every day. But the Trumbull County Sheriff's Department in Ohio says that is exactly what they witnessed during a routine patrol in the county's Amish community.

Rep. Eric Hermsdorfer met the men while on patrol early in the morning of September 15. When he tried to stop and question them about drinking and driving, they jumped out of the cart and disappeared into the roadside forest, according to a police report.

Meanwhile, the horse pulling the cart also took off, but Hermsdorfer caught up. But the men are gone.

Yes, it is definitely not a routine stop.

Hermsdorfer handed the horse to a local farmer until the two men advanced. The sheriff's department tried to call different people to get the horse, but no one answered the phone, according to the report.

Both men may be accused of not following the deputy's commands, Deputy Chief Joe Dragovich told CNN WJW affiliate.

Dragovich also said drinking and driving laws still apply to buggy, even if it is pulled by a horse and not licensed.

"Maybe there is just this fear of consequences – and that would be a reality check for them, that there are consequences," he said.

Still, he is encouraging both men to move forward and retrieve their horses and buggy.


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