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Amazon may open supermarkets without human attendants in early 2020

by Ace Damon
Amazon pode inaugurar supermercados sem atendentes humanos no início de 2020

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Amazon's rumors about supermarkets have been circulating for some time, and the latest indicates that we can see this happening next year. According to Bloomberg sources, the company plans to open its network of self-checkout markets in the first quarter of 2020.


However, there are paid options that offer more features and remove limitations.

Last month, Amazon confirmed that its engineers are testing Go technology in a 10,400 square foot space in Seattle. The company opened its first unmanned store in early 2018. Since then, most of these spaces have been little convenience stores, but many believe it is a matter of time before it expands and expands. Amazon has said it could open up to 3,000 Amazon Go stores without a box by 2021.

Despite this, it is still unclear how the company will make its technology work with items that need to be weighed, for example fresh fruits and vegetables. Amazon operates Whole Foods Market – which still has human boxes – but has already mentioned that it plans to launch a new supermarket format.

"The big question is not technology working – Amazon will make it work. The question will be, 'will it work for a consumer? Will they see this way of buying as valid?'" – Brendan Witcher, who tracks retail and consumer behavior at Forrester Research.

In addition to this potential news, Amazon is considering licensing its "boxless" technology to other retailers such as movie theaters, stadiums and airports. No official comment has been made so far.

Via: Engadget
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