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Amazon extends smart product list and launches Echo Dot with watch …

by Ace Damon

Amazon held an event this week to introduce the new generation of its smart devices that will hit the market soon and promise some changes from their predecessors.

Much of the presentation was devoted to new Echo family speakers, which is already in its third generation and will now have more consumer options. The first new feature is the Echo Dot, a device very similar to previous virtual assistants, but with the differential of having an LED display on the front that serves as a digital clock.

In addition, you can configure features such as timer and alarms or even view the temperature of the region in a practical way. This simple addition wasn't just made life easier for Alexia users whenever they need to know the time. The idea is that the device is used as an alarm clock and replaces the use of other everyday objects.

The Echo Dot Already is in pre-sale costing $ 60 and should start shipping on October 16 – it is noteworthy that Brazil is not on Amazon's list of shipping countries.

Amazon also introduced three more speaker models that should complete the Echo line. The first of these is the Echo Studio, a device supporting Dolby Atmos technology, equipped with five speakers, 5.25 inch woofer, three 2 inch speakers and a 1 inch tweeter.

The gadget also in pre-sale priced at $ 199.99 and, like Echo Dot, it promises a new high quality audio experience to compete with devices like Apple's HomePod and Google Home Max.

Amazon extends smart product list and launches Echo Dot with watch ...

Also presented were the Echo third generation, with a 3-inch woofer that guarantees sound improvements and costs $ 99.99, and the Echo flex – A mini speaker that plugs directly into the wall socket and serves as an extension of your virtual assistant that can be taken to other environments in the house. Its sound quality is not as good as other models, but it only costs $ 24.99.

Among other news for Amazon's Internet of Things (IoT) catalog have also announced wireless headsets Echo Buds, very similar to AirPods, with 5 hours battery life plus 20 hours of recharging guaranteed by the case. The headphones will integrate with Alexa and can be purchased for $ 129.99.

The product list still has a new smart ring camera, The Echo glow which is basically a smart night lamp for kids, the ring Echo loop with integrated microphones to be connected to Alexa, the router Eero, equipped with dual band and TrueMesh technologies and up to a 4 in 1 microwave oven.

To check out all the news presented by Amazon at your event, visit your blog at this link here.

Via: Neowin, Engadget Source: Amazon
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