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alpha.tribe "Tomorrow"

alpha.tribe “Tomorrow”

by Judy Wilkins

” ‘Tomorrow” is an entropic world in which nothing is expected to ever change.

The place is owned by a pride of fat cats who hang out in their secluded boudoir and who have to be kept in good humor by a constant supply of all sorts of delicacies that appeal to their carnivorous palates.

Exploring a bit further in the opposite direction one reaches the statue of Catustus the Omnipotent, the illustrious forebear of the present day occupants of the fat cat boudoir.

All is still. All is frozen. All is suspended. No emotion. No nothing. Just a perpetual state of frigid ‘safety’ in an artificially persistent world. No one dies. The price? No one is really alive either. ”

About the store:

“alpha.tribe is a store that produces full fantasy oriented unisex avatars.

We give small group gifts with most new releases and you will find some of the old ones in this location at the store on one of the sky levels. From time to time, we also give full fantasy art avatars as group gifts.

Please join the alpha.tribe group in order to get these.”

Architect & Builder: Alpha Auer

Official Website: Elif Ayiter | Alpha Auer

See full collection on the marketplace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/15328
And with nicer bigger pictures here: https://alphatribecollection.tumblr.com

Land profile

“alpha.tribe is a design enterprise which aims to create bizarre, mostly unisex wearables for the Residents of Second Life®.

We wish to exercise our own imagination as well as provide a means to our customers for the expression of hybrid realities, surreal thoughts and mind constructions.”

Click To Visit Land  – Click To Flickr

Donations and Support

alpha.tribe "Tomorrow" alpha.tribe "Tomorrow" alpha.tribe "Tomorrow" alpha.tribe "Tomorrow"

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