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Agents expel indigenous from Ecuador's parliament

by Ace Damon
Agents expel indigenous from Ecuador's parliament

Ecuadorian security forces resumed control of the National Assembly on Tuesday (8) after hundreds of members of indigenous groups stormed the site to urge President Lenin Moreno to leave.

Motorized agents from the Ecuadorian National Police, supported by the mounted guard and the military, managed to establish a protective siege in the square that gives access to the country's parliament after the expulsion of protesters from the building.

Using force and a tear gas pump, the police pulled protesters from the main entrance to the parliament who had stormed the country shouting "outside Moreno".

Parliamentary activities were suspended today, a move taken by the president of the National Assembly after clashes were reported in the region the day before.

Parliament's seat is near a park used as a focal point for 10,000 members of the country's indigenous movements. Tomorrow, they promise to hold a big protest to demand the repeal of the economic measures announced by the government. Otherwise, they want Moreno out of power.

As the Efe Agency found at the scene, protesters broke the security siege set up by the National Police and stormed the parliament hall, despite calls from the movement's leaders not to be provoked by security forces.

The police reacted, starting the clashes that spread to the square where the indigenous people are concentrated, with several explosions being heard outside the parliament.

Moreno decreed a state of exception in the country last Thursday to try to contain the protests. Yesterday, cornered in the capital, the president provisionally transferred the federal government of Quito to the southwestern city of Guayaquil.

In a statement aired on national television, Moreno accused former President Rafael Correa of ​​encouraging protests and being behind an attempted coup d'état. Another target of the speech was the president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro ".

According to Moreno, there are external agents organized to use indigenous mobilization to promote looting and actions to destabilize the government.

At dawn, a group broke into the headquarters of the Comptroller General of the State in Quito. After the attack, the prosecutor's office and the Judiciary Council also announced that they would suspend their activities on Tuesday.

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