Add A "Buy Coaching" Button To Your Membership Sites Starting Today
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Add A “Buy Coaching” Button To Your Membership Sites Starting Today

If you have a membership site where you charge a monthly fee or an upfront fee, you’re always leaving money on the table because many people are willing to hire you to do the work for them. Whether we are talking about the real estate niche, the self help niche, a technical niche, whatever it is people are always willing to pay you money to do the work for them.

When you’re doing this price the done for you job at a price that you think people will not pay. Use this as a way to keep your ear to the ground and find out what customers want exactly, once you have many of these done for you or coaching jobs completed yourself think about upselling them into a recurring monthly coaching program.

If you are against the idea of someone paying you money and being able to hire you to complete a task consider it a red herring offer. Here’s what that means, make the done for you price so high that in comparison the membership training someone just purchased is very very low. I’ll give you an example, let’s say you had a training course on how to set up a Facebook fan page. You charged $200 for this course, for many people $200 might seem, at first, like a very high price. If you had a button inside your membership site that charged $5,000 to set up a Facebook fan page, now that $200 to learn how to do it themselves seems cheap.

There will always be people who want to see how the process is done but they want someone else to do the heavy lifting. This is where you come in, you charge someone $200 to find out how to set up a Facebook fan page and you then charge them $5,000 to set it up for them. At the very worst your customers just say no and don’t buy from you. If you have a few people buy from you, you can talk to them one on one and figure out exactly what all their customers are needing. For example, if you get hired to set up someone’s Facebook fan page and they ask for Facebook graphics, they ask for specific tabs to be set up, they ask for a way to connect it to an e-mail auto responder. These are all things you can add into the done for you package so they pay one price and you deliver ten items in return.

It really helps to keep your ear to the ground for your customers because this will help with your coaching offers and you can add this as bonus training inside your membership site.

Finally, if you get sick of always waiting for someone to buy done for you coaching or you get sick of having to follow up to see if anyone needs any work completed this month then get them on an automatic monthly payment. After all, it only takes a few seconds to set up a onetime payment button in PayPal, and the same is true for a monthly button.

Just figure out how much you’re willing to charge per month then set it pay you once every thirty days forever and as long as someone is paying you month after month, you are providing whatever service has been agreed upon. For example, you might set up someone’s WordPress blog and for them paying you month after month you are adding in content for them, a set number of blog posts, a set number of comments, a set number of traffic. You do the work every month and you get paid every month, it’s pretty simple.

So, add a buy coaching button to your site, treat it as a red herring offer, find out what your customers want and later think about a monthly coaching upsell.