Achieve Greatness In Your Years As A Senior Citizen

by ace

Time to write the great American novel How many times when you moved through the decades to raise a family and build a career, did you say that you would write the great American story when you retired.

Now, as you settle into an old-age retirement and lifestyle, you wonder if now is the time?

After all, this is the moment in life when you have always promised yourself that you would unleash all the creativity that has kept you suppressed all these years and let it pour over the world. So, why not try, no one has ever been hurt trying to achieve greatness.

But even if you don’t achieve greatness, your years as a senior are an excellent time to explore your creative side.

It may not be the great American novel.

That phrase is a way of expressing that we all have something original and unique to give, and our last few years are a great time to let them out.

The idea that writing, painting, acting, or any of the creative arts is the place that only young people have proven to be wrong over and over again.

It seems that creativity and artistic expression know no age limits. In the past few years, we’ve had Haley Joel Osment, Harrison Ford and Clint Eastwood vying for the Oscars.

This means that a ten-year-old child, an advanced middle-aged man, and an older adult are evaluated by the same criterion of greatness in performance. The boy didn’t win that year, but keep an eye on him. He has a lot more to give.

It is notable that, a few years later, when Clint Eastwood won the Oscar for directing, he noted that directors much older than himself were still making their masterpieces. So he was a young man in his 70s just starting to fight for greatness.

These are just a few examples to show that if these older people can shine in their creative work later in life, so can you. Don’t be afraid to go out with the youth and take the introductory classes in the form of art you want to experience.

You can always have dreamed of painting. You know that Picasso and Rembrandt took some of their most beautiful photos as older adults. So go ahead, go to the local college or museum, and enroll in classes.

You can be the grandpa or grandma of the course. Still, once other artists see that you have something burning inside of you to express yourself artistically, they will respect you as a fellow artist and colleague in the artistic community.

This is not to say that writing the great American novel or other forms of creative expression is not necessary to master.

But in that department, you also have the inside track. As an elderly citizen, you are no stranger to hard work. You have worked hard to raise a family, succeed in a career, and provide others with your entire adult life.

Now it’s time to use some of that work ethic to let your light shine and, for a while, let it all be about you.


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