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7 Remarkable Moments of 'Joker'

by Ace Damon

Joker (Joker, in the original) has come to Brazilian theaters and is causing. The film lived up to expectations and featured a great work mainly from actor Joaquin Phoenix and director Todd Phillips. The cinematographic work has a heavy, melancholic, violent tone and has several remarkable moments within its nearly two hours of exhibition.

We cite a few below. The text obviously contains SPOILERS. See at your own risk if you haven't watched the movie yet:

Despair that I can't control the laughter

Enjoy to watch:

7 Remarkable Moments of 'Joker'

In the beginning of the film, Arthur's neurological condition is evidenced. Amid the laughter, an expression of sadness and despair at not being able to have the least control over the situation. Phoenix's acting work impresses and conveys all the pain and suffering of the character, which lacks the benevolence of the people around. This weighs in on the character's development until he goes through his entire script arc and becomes the iconic villain.

Twist of the supposed romantic couple

7 Remarkable Moments of 'Joker'

At one point, Arthur waits for Sophie (Zazie Beetz) in her own apartment. By then, it had been established on the scene that the two built a relationship, going out and experiencing key moments of the character together. However, the Joker's spectators are surprised and confused by her lack of knowledge about the protagonist. We found that it was really all a fantasy of the main character. The two never really had a partnership and everything seen on screen until that time was a work of Arthur's mind.

The dwarf and the door

Joker is far from a funny movie. There is only one moment of theoretical comic relief, which Arthur receives in his apartment two former co-workers and ends up killing one of them, leaving only the dwarf friend, played by Leigh Gill, who due to his stature could not open the door. door to escape. The scene generates laughter from the cinema audience, but it does not change the fact that it is a desperate and tense moment.

Stay calm

7 Remarkable Moments of 'Joker'

During a moment of discussion with the mother figure looking for answers about her past, Joaquin Phoenix once again demonstrates his great acting quality. Penny was in the bathroom avoiding the direct confrontation with the protagonist – who was upset – and asked him calmly so that they could talk serenely. Quickly, then, Arthur changed his entire nervous monthly status and proved extremely calm. "I'm calm," he says. Brilliant and a great scene.

Interview with Murray

7 Remarkable Moments of 'Joker'

Robert De Niro's character is an important reference figure for Arthur. Murray is the bridge for the protagonist to guide part of his attitudes. In the final moments of Joker, the character already characterized as such, finally manages to perform the much desired interview on the TV show. Their entrance through a dance is frightening and frightening due to Arthur's insanity and unpredictability.

The climax of the conversation is realized when Joker shoots Murray, killing him brutally for a large television audience. Not only this but all the murders of this film work are dry, they generate a great sense of reality. A big impact.

The dance

7 Remarkable Moments of 'Joker'

Arthur rehearsed his dance for several moments during his presented history, but it was contrasted with all the adversities of his life, which made him a depressed person, without posture and without confidence. After finally freeing himself and finding himself as the Joker, he was able to gain lightness in the midst of his psychopathy and enough confidence to put his steps into practice. The parallel of the stairway scene at the beginning of the movie, with the character slowly rising and discouraged, compared to his final stretch as already dancing and full of self is striking.

Batman Creation and the Final Chaos

7 Remarkable Moments of 'Joker'

The movie within the context that was presented would work even if it did not directly introduce elements related to the Wayne family. Still, there was a decision to put Bruce's famous parents in the plot in addition to his own. The work links all the representativeness and influence of the Joker figure and the origin of Batman with the famous murder of his parents. The scene was very well represented with the classic elements of the event.

The Joker has already been established and has managed to influence a lot of people through Gotham. The catharsis of his acts is presented in one of the final scenes of the film, with chaos and clowns all over the city. Common to them, a reverence for their chief representative: Arthur the Joker.

To top it off, the icing on the cake in this great scene, Joker blurs his characterization next to his mouth and leaves it exactly the way fans wanted to see it. There the character was completely established. The Joker in its full form has arrived.

There are many striking scenes and these are just some of the many that could have been cited as well! Which one was your favorite?

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7 Remarkable Moments of 'Joker'

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