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1st Corinthians world title 20 years ago; remember the champion cast

by Ace Damon

Exactly 20 years ago, on a Friday night, in Macaranã with an audience of 73,000 fans, Corinthians won the title of the first FIFA Club World Cup.

The alvinegra team, directed by Oswaldo de Oliveira, surpassed Vasco de Edmundo and Romário, on penalties for 4 to 3, after a 0 to 0 in normal time and overtime.

I remember that at the time the achievement was minimized, even ridiculed, by fans of rival Corinthians clubs, with the following arguments (the second, clearly a provocative joke):

– won the World Cup without having won the Libertadores (“World champion without being champion of America?”);

– Globo, the country's main broadcaster, did not show the match; who broadcast on free TV was Band (“World that is World has to go on Globo”).

The criterion for selecting participants was, and is, debatable, but the fact is that the competition had, and does, have the FIFA seal (unlike the Rio-1951 Cup, which the palm growers claim as World); therefore, there is little or no scope to denigrate the Corinthian conquest.

In the campaign, Corinthians – which would return to the top of the world in 2012 by overcoming by 1 to 0 Chelsea in Japan – before triumphing in the final in Rio, they beat Raja Casablanca (Morocco) 2-0, drew 2-2 at Real Madrid and beat Al Nassr (Saudi Arabia) 2-0 at Morumbi.

The other group had, besides Vasco, Manchester United, Necaxa (Mexico) and South Melbourne (Australia).

Do you remember the Corinthians holders and reserves in this World Cup? If so, your memory is excellent. If not, let's go to them, with the 11 holders in the final followed by the 12 bookings.

Dida (Goalkeeper) – Shirt 1

He was marked as the hero of the conquest by defending Gilberto's penalty in the penalty shootout. He was a reserve for the Brazilian national team in the 2002 FIFA World Cup campaign and starts at the 2006 World Cup.

Indian (Right Side) – Shirt 2

After leaving Corinthians, the player, born in an indigenous village in Alagoas, roamed from 2001 on through a series of clubs (including South Korean, Greek and Peruvian football), never coming close to his success at Timão. .

Adilson (quarterback) – shirt 3

He retired from football after winning the World Cup and became an average coach, with stints at clubs such as Grêmio, Sao Paulo, Santos, Vasco, Cruzeiro (his current club) and Corinthians himself.

Fábio Luciano (quarterback) – shirt 16

One of Corinthians' great defenders this century, scored a World Cup goal in their debut match against Raja Casablanca, in which the ball hit the crossbar and did not enter. It was also successful in Fenerbahçe (Turkey) and Flamengo. Today is a commentator of ESPN Brazil.

Kléber (left side) – shirt 6

Very good in his position, great at crosses, after leaving Corinthians he worked in German and Swiss football and stood out in Santos and Internacional, for which he won the Libertadores 2010.

Vampeta (steering wheel) – shirt 5

One of the Corinthians symbols at the time, Velho Vamp was in the squad of the Brazilian five-time world champion in Korea / Japan in 2002. He had two more passes through São Jorge Park, but without the same brightness of the first. Today he presides over Audax, from Osasco.

Freddy Rincón (Steering Wheel) – Shirt 8

The Colombian was the captain of Corinthians in the World Cup. He was the first of the team's scouts in the penalty shootout in the final, and converted. Earlier, he had scored a second goal nine minutes from time against Al Nassr in the final group stage game – a goal that qualified them for the final, leaving them ahead of Real Madrid on balance. of goals Idol of the fans, left the club in 2000 (later played for Santos and Cruzeiro) and returned in 2004, already in the end of career.

Marcelinho Carioca (sock) – shirt 7

The Foot of the Angel (number 36 football boots), an excellent foul scout, the fifth highest scorer in Corinthian history, wasted the team's fifth penalty in the World Cup decision, risking becoming villain. He was saved by Edmundo, the Vascan captain, who kicked out the next charge from the Cruz Maltino team. He had two other short stints at Corinthians in 2006 and 2010.

Ricardinho (Stocking) – Shirt 11

He scored a very important goal in the World Cup against Al Nassr. Team coordinator, joined, due to the cut of the midfielder Emerson, the Brazilian champion in the 2002 World Cup. He was in reserve, which happened again in the German Cup four years later. He played for Sao Paulo and Santos before briefly returning to Corinthians in 2006. Today he is a commentator for SporTV.

Luizão (striker) – shirt 9

Author of the first Corinthian goal in the World Cup, against Raja Casablanca, scored the third of the team in the penalty shootout against Vasco in the decision. After leaving Corinthians, he performed, among others, for São Paulo (with which he won the 2005 Libertadores), Santos and Flamengo. He is one of the five members of this team who are five world champions with Brazil. It is also the Brazilian who scored the most goals in Libertadores (29, 15 by Corinthians).

Edilson (Striker) – Shirt 10

Capetinha's big game at the World Cup was Corinthians' second, when he scored the two goals of the team 2-2 with Real Madrid of Casillas, Hierro, Roberto Carlos and Raúl. He did not stay much longer in the club and put on the shirt of Flamengo, Cruzeiro and Vasco, among others, before retiring. As Dida, Vampeta, Ricardinho and Luizão, he was with the 2002 World Cup champion team.

Corinthians cheer for Maracanã in the decision of the first FIFA Club World Cup (Jorge Araújo – 14.jan.2000 / Folhapress)

On the bench in the final: Mauricio (goalkeeper), Daniel (right back), Márcio Costa (defender), João Carlos (defender), Nenê (defender), Augusto (left defender), Marcos Senna (defensive midfielder), Gilmar Fubá (defensive midfielder) , Edu Gaspar (midfielder), Luis Mário (striker), Fernando Baiano (striker) and Dinei (striker). Entered Edu (in place of Ricardinho), Gilmar (in Vampeta) and Fernando Baiano (in Edílson). Edu and Fernando Baiano, selected for the penalty shootout, converted their charges (the fourth and second respectively).


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